Halovietnam is a portal providing information on tourism, cuisine, hotels, restaurants, entertainment at locations and cities in Vietnam, which allows booking air tickets, hotels, online tours for MobiFone subscribers via SMS, Website, Wapsite and client.

- Halovietnam is a general tourism portal system, which is full and easy to use.

- Halovietnam service is built on a multi-platform system (website, wapsite, app, sms) that supports most of models, operating systems to help customers use easily on any devices at anywhere.

- Halovietnam integrates social network functions that allow user to comment, share, contribute ideas on tourism destinations, that helps people collect the most reliable information on the destinations.

- Halovietnam has "User image" section for users to share their beloved images from their tours with people.

- Halovietnam provides information on thousands of hotels nationwide and supports room booking, helping people be proactive in all situations.

- The tour section of Halovietnam helps you prepare tourism plan for yourself or you can also refer tours to find the most suitable tour for you.

- The smart function of filtering related destinations combining with GPS will help customers easily find out the nearest destinations for entertainment, eating and drinking, relaxing and resting.



Allow searching news on tourism, watching video clips, images, etc directly on mobile devices:

- Information on tourism destinations, restaurants, hotels, etc.

- Signing function

- Search information

- Video clips, Audio introducing on tourism destinations

- Traditional music

- Game quiz: providing funny questions on landscapes.

- Recognizing evaluation and Voting of users

- Social functions (3600 Traffic, Tourism environment)

- Utilities: Weather, exchange rate, etc



1.  Service short-code: 9144

2. Service provision channels: App

3. Service Website/Wapsite:

4. Tariff (VAT included):




(VAT included)


SMS to short code 9144



Member registration fee

0 Vnd


Fee for using special utilities of the service

In accordance with service regulations


3G Data fee





1. Use service via App:

- Access to Halovietnam application.

- As subscribers access to the service via 3G, the service will recognize the number.

- Search locations:

   + Search by name of destination by selecting icon Search and type keywords for searching.

   + Search by items in the left menu.

- View detail of location: Select 1 location to view detail information. At the end of each location. there will be recommendations on nearby drinking and eating or relaxing places for customers to arrange their schedule

- Like, Share, Comment below each detail place. After reading news, customers can use these functions. Places and contents are arranged as per geological distance or customers can select to arrange in abc order for searching. The service uses Facebook account for users to synchronize these functions.

2. Receive tourism information via SMS: To be provided.

3. Details of using Website/Wapsite:

·         Access to Halovietnam application.

·         As subscribers access to the service via 3G, the service will recognize the number.

·         Weather: Display the weather status at user's current place. Click to see the list of weather in provinces/cities nationwide.

·         Personal account: Display avatar of user's and phone number (if logged in or recognized via 3G/GPRS). Click to move to user account information section.

·         Homepage: Select to return to Home page of Halovietnam

·         Tourism consulting: Select to move to the Tourism consulting page, including the list of domestic and international tours.

·         Hot places: Select to go to the Hot Tourism Places package.

·         Stored places: Select to move to the interface for the list of tourism places stored by users.

·         Searching: Click to go to the Search Places interface.

·         Traffic 360 ͦ: Click to move to the interface of Traffic 360 ͦ function.

·         Log in via Wi-Fi: Select to log in to account

·         Option: Click to move to Option pages such as Receive notice, Language, Introduction.

·         Support: select to move to Support Interface, including information: service consulting Hotline, service support email, daily exchange rate, things to bring for travelling.



1. Target users: Halovietnam service is provided for all MobiFone prepaid and postpaid subscribers nationwide

2. Conditions for using the service:

- Subscribers using two-direction service in the network.

- To use Multimedia services: Subscribers should be equipped with phones supporting Real player, EDGE/3G and must be compatible with platforms such as Java, Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Linux.  



Questions and answers





How can I use halovietnam service?


  • Download halovietnam application from store and select content to use
  • Search information for free


Which kind of fee will I have to pay when using halovietnam service?

Halovietnam service absolutely exempts fee for searching information, data fee. Other special contents will be charged in accordance with regulation of the service


What is the short code of halovietnam service?

Service short-code: 9144


What is Halovietnam service?

HaloVietnam is a portal that provides information on tourism, cuisine, restaurants, entertainments, etc., in locations and cities in Vietnam


Can I use the service via Wi-Fi?

You can use the service via Wi-Fi. Just do as follows:

  1. Access to: or Halovietnam application
  2. A pop up will appear for logging with via Wi-Fi  here or select menu, select Access with Wi-Fi
  3. Enter your phone number to phone number -> send password via SMS
  4. The system sends password via SMS from 9144 -> Enter password to Password via SMS-> Log in
  5. Select content to view


Will the service charge 3G fee (or charge capacity to the 3G package) when I use the service with 3G?

Halovietnam absolutely exempts 3G/GPRS fee, so you will not be charged with 3G fee or capacity of the package you are using.