Fun Quiz  a an entertainment service with multiple-choice questions on character sent daily via SMS to MobiFone subscribers.



Multiple-choice questions on character sent daily via SMS.



Tariff (VAT included): 


Type of fee





Subscription fee

3.000 Vnd

24 hours

Automatic renewal


Fee for sending SMS to 9076



Register/cancel the service, answer questions and other utility syntaxes


Subscription fee is charged to main account for prepaid subscribers or added to the monthly bill for postpaid subscribers.


1.  Service registration/cancellation:



Message content sent to 9076


Register service



Service cancellation



Support syntax



2. Service use:

  • After registering the service successfully, you will receive SMS confirming sucessful registration and multiple-choice questions of the service.
  • When receiving multiple-choice questions, just follow the instruction to give answers. For example:

Multiple-choice question

Phuong tien di lai hang ngay cua ban la gi? 1=Phuong tien cong cong 2=Taxi 3=Xe dap. Soan 1, 2 hoac 3 gui 9076 mien phi!

Reply message

Write 1 or 2 or 3 to 9076. In which 1, 2, 3 is the answer you select.


       When registering/renewing the service successfully, you will receive at most 5 multiple-choice questions from the service                every day.


1. Target users: All MobiFone subscribers who are operating with two directions.

2. Conditions for use: Subscribers who use mobile phone which can receive and send SMS.

3. Prize structure:


Type of prize




Monthly prize


iPhone 5S 16GB

  • Monthly prizes: Counted from the first day applying prize until 23:59'59'' of the 30th day.


  • Time for applying prize may change, depending on actual situation.
  • Prizes may be cash, scratch cards or in kind; prize value may change in accordance with actual situation and will be announced in service website.
  • Subscribers will be considered to get prizes as follows:
    • Complete full daily multiple-choice questions in the month.
    • In case many subscribers complete full daily multiple-choice questions in the month, priority will be given to the one who completed such questions in shortest period (determination method: the final question - the first question completed) will be ranked higher, and the one with the highest rank will become the prize winner of the service.

4. Regulations on sending message notifying renewal:

  • After registering service packages, you will receive notice on the renewal by the respective cycle.
  • Daily package: Usage period of daily package: from 00:00 to 23:59:59 every day, renew automatically.
  • At the time of renewal of package, the system will charge subscription fee.
    • If fee is charged successfully: you continue using the service.
    • If fee is not charged successfully: the service is suspended and fee charging will be implemented within 7 subsequent days.

5. Regulations on locking/unlocking service:

  • When you change from prepaid to postpaid, or change among prepaid forms such as MobiCard, MobiQ, Mobi4U etc., if you have registered the service, you can still use it if you satisfy conditions required by the service.
  • Regulations on locking/unlocking service for postpaid subscribers are as follows:



of subscription

Regulations applied

to value-added services  


Blocked with one/

two directions

·    If fee is charged succesfully: you continue using the service.

·    If fee is not charged succesfully: the service is suspended and fee charging will be implemented within 7 subsequent days.


Unlock subscibers who have been blocked with one/

two directions

·    Case 1: reactivate right at the former period of package => customer will continue using the service until the end of that period.

·    Case 2: reactivate when the former period has ended => charge subscription fee from that day of reactivation:

o  Fee is charged successully: you continue using the service.

o  Fee is not charged successully: charge again in accordance with regulation of the service.


Changing among prepaid subscriptions

You continue using the service with former period.


Change from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa


Subscription is cancelled

Cancel service

     Regulations on rejecting participants: 

     Participants are not allowed to use acutomatic SMS sending device to gain advantage during the process of answering or          any other means for sending SMS, except for via mobile phone (the use of any GSM set attached to a computer or a mobile      phone attached to a computer is prohibited). MobiFone is entitled to reject any susbcribers suspected to violate this duty.