Super SIM is a kind of SIM for MobiFone subscribers. Super SIM has large memory capacity and integrated with utility services that you can use easily without writing SMS or knowing short code of such services.






+ For Search Information service, fee is: 1.000 Vnd/search (VAT included)

+ Fee for using Super contact: free



1. Location for displaying on phone:

+ All functions of Super SIM is located in the menu named Super SIM

+ For iPhone, select Settings/Phone/SIM Applications

+ With normal kind of mobile phones of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Erricson, etc. the menu Super SIM is located at the main menu of the phone. You can find menu Super SIM when accessing to the menu on the phone

- With some mobile phones of Sony-Ericsson such as: W800i, K700i, K750i... menu Super SIM is located in menu Entertainment. Access main Menu of the phone, select Entertainment menu then select Super SIM menu.

- For phone using Symbian OS such as Nokia 6680, 7610, N70, N90... Access main Menu of the phone, select SIM menu then select Super SIM menu.

2. Search information by SMS:

- Information searching services are classified into different categories such as: Lottery results, Soccer results, Entertainment, Consultancy, Know-how, Market price, Securities, News, Weather, etc. have been integrated in SIM to provide services by SMS. You just need to select desired information. The system will send information via SMS.

For example:  To search Gold & Foreign currency price, just do the following:

Step 1: Access to Super SIM menu

Step 2: Access to Market price menu

Step 3: Access to Gold & Foreign currency


Target users: all subscribers using two-direction service of MobiFone network.