The survey feature on mWin system helps business customers conduct surveys, collect comments, reviews and suggestions from MobiFone subscribers using their products via SMS...



Business accounts using survey services:

·       Account Management: Login, view / change account information.

·       Create / modify / confirm surveys.

·       View reports related to enterprises, export reports as excel files.

·       Submit comments about the service.

System administrator account:

·       Grant, Delete Agency account.

·       Grant an account to approve the survey content.

·       Provide the number of messages in the order requested to the Agent.

·       Search by Agency / Business 

·       Editing / adjusting the invitation letter to participate in / end the survey.

·       See all reports (8 types of statistical reports below)

Agency account:

·       Manage Agency account

·       Lock / Reopen Business account

·       Provide the number of messages in the order requested for Business

·       Search by Enterprise under Agency management

·       Survey management.

·       View reports under managed accounts.

Customer care account:

·       View reports under managed accounts.

Survey approval account:

·       Search / View / Browse / Stop surveys in "Pending" list

·       Review rejected surveys. Criteria to support the search for rejected surveys include: survey code, survey name, business name, survey status.



Service fee:

·       Unit price: VND 500 / message (VAT included)

   .       Note: The messages herein are construed as questions of inquiry and invitations to participate in the survey of the Enterprise, all remaining messages (instructions, descriptions, replies of customers to service numbers). ) free.


Message capacity level / order


Shelf life (months)

Sales fee (%)

Sales fee (VND)


From 500,000 SMS or less





From 500,001 to 1,000,000 SMS





From 1,000,001 to 1,500,000 SMS





From 1,500,001 to 2,000,000 SMS





From 2,000,000 to 2,500,000 SMS





From 2,500,000 SMS or more






1. The process of signing a contract and ordering services:

Step 1: Agents sign the service contract with MobiFone.

Step 2: Agents are granted accounts to access the system to use the service.

Step 3: Agent orders survey and pays 100% of the order value.

Step 4: MobiFone has confirmed that it has received the payment of the Agent's Order and proceed to initiate the Dealer's Order on the system.

Step 5: For each enterprise wishing to conduct a survey, the Agent creates an account to access the system for the Enterprise. After creating a new enterprise on the system, every DVD and GT Center will coordinate with TT NOC to create a Brandname for the Enterprise on the system.

Step 6: The agency initiates and conducts a survey campaign after receiving information about the Enterprise survey.

Step 7: At the end of each survey, the system calculates the total number of messages sent to carry out that survey of the Business and deducts it from that Business / Agency account.

Total survey fee = Total number of messages sent * rate of 1 message.

2. Process of creating a survey campaign:

Step 1: Conducting business enter information about the survey and enter a list of files polled subscribers on the system.

Step 2: The agency initiates and conducts a survey campaign after receiving information about the Enterprise survey.

Step 3: After 01 working day from the time the Agent completes the survey and sends it to the system, MobiFone will conduct the survey content (question content, validity of the message ...). The results of the censorship survey content will be gathered on the system and automatically sent notification emails to the email registered by the enterprise.

Step 4: The system temporarily calculates the number of survey messages coming to the subscriber right after the survey is approved.

Step 5: Send messages to customers in accordance with the registration time (from 7-22h daily).

Step 7: System to build survey report data.

Step 8: Enterprises can query the results of the survey on the system .

3. Rules for the survey, send survey messages

Time to send message: From 7:00 - 22:00 daily.

For each Business account, the system will send subscribers up to 5 questions per survey campaign. And at a time, Business account is only allowed to conduct 01 survey campaign .

A survey campaign has a minimum implementation time of 07 days and a maximum of 30 days.

After the end of the survey, the system will stop receiving messages to participate in customer surveys by sending notification messages, and closing the results of statistical reports to send to enterprises.

In a survey campaign, the system only sends the next question when the previous question receives valid feedback from customers.



Target users: Business customers have the need to explore and collect customer opinions via SMS on mobile phones.