MobiTrack is a solution on Vehicle Locator - Monitoring the journey provided to vehicle owners in order to locate vehicles according to the regulations of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam.



·       Online monitoring features:

o   Display vehicle location information on digital map, direction, speed ...

o   Display license plate number, current driving information, continuous driving time, total driving time in a day of the driver.

o   Display the number of speeding times, time of speeding.

o   Display the number of parking stops and stopping time.

o   Show vehicle status: Stop, starting the engine ...

·       Data management and exploitation features:

o   Help to access, search the transport history of vehicles in 12 months (including travel routes, violations, warnings, speeding ...)

o   Help to get information, make tables, make statistics, summarize reports according to management requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

·       Extended features:

o   Set up rules and execute alerts:

o   Set speed limit, speed tree and overspeed warning

o   Establish a roadmap, operating area, warning of wrong operation area

o   Set stop-stop points and warn about illegal stopping

o   Perform other warnings: Power fault, driving beyond the prescribed time ...

o   Allow self marker, quick search of marker

o   Automatically count the vehicle activity trip

o   Calculate the time the engine starts, the engine does not work ...

o   Allow grouping, decentralized management and rotation of vehicles

o   Support fast car dispatch, create orders, cancel orders, postpone orders, automatically find the car ...

o   Expand features according to the specific management requirements of each unit

o   Allow integration of multiple camera tracking images on the car

o   Allow integration of fuel sensor to control fuel consumption.

o   Allow integration of both camera and oil sensor simultaneously.

o   Allow integrated drowsiness sensor and drowsiness warning, collision sensor

o   Online software for remote upgrade and modification

o   Store all data for at least 12 months on the server.

o   Many other features and specific solutions depending on the strength of each unit

·       Digital maps

o   Digital map built by the unit itself

o   View maps / satellite images with multiple map sources.

o   Use map functions such as distance measurement, location search

o   Update the map when new roads arise.

o   Can display 4 maps simultaneously in 4 different regions on 1 screen

o   Allow print the map in every area, every time.



Product Package: Terminal devices are sold with packages, specifically:

·       Terminal equipment: Journey Surveillance equipment

·       SIM and roaming charges: in accordance with current regulations of MobiFone Corporation

·       Service package: including solution package and data package



Product Package

Rate (VAT included)



Terminal price (Skybox M1)

VND 2,750,000 / device



subscriber fee of service package (applied with equipment)


Package solution

VND 75,000 / subscriber / month

The service automatically renews during the contract period, not automatically renewed after the contract expires.


Data package:
MDT25A or other MDT data packages (depending on the needs of customers) with a capacity of higher than 250 MB / month, lower bandwidth is 128 kpbs

Apply according to current regulations

Executive of MobiFone


SIM price and MobiData network fee

Apply according to current regulations

Executive of MobiFone



Terminal installation fee

VND 110,000 / device



Fee for sending SMS to service short code




Price of accessories (depending on customer needs)


Infrared camera

VND 1,540,000 / device



Fuel sensor

VND 4,400,000 / device



Fee for installation of accessories


Infrared camera installation fee

VND 165,000 / device



Fuel sensor installation fee

VND 330,000 / device



Surcharge for installing equipment and accessories


Order less than 10 devices and accessories

Maximum of VND 550,000 / order

Free surcharges installed in the following provinces and cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Vinh Phuc, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Khanh Hoa, Dong Nai and Can Tho.


Orders from 10 devices and accessories


Note: The arising services such as SMS ... charge according to the current regulations of the Corporation.



1. Register Service:

Corporate customers channel:

Customers wishing to use will sign a contract with the regional MobiFone Company. MobiFone will transfer accounts, equipment and provide M2M SIM cards for enterprises to use within a maximum of 7 working days from the date of signing the contract.

2. Use the main features of the service:

Customer login:

·       Website of the service:

·       Beginning numbers for service: 9096

See detailed instructions here

3. Cancel service

Implementation Channel

Describe how to cancel the service

Sales staff for corporate customers

Customer contact salesman to cancel service



1. Subjects and conditions of use:

·       Enterprises wishing to use the service: business owners with transportation services

·       Enterprises need to sign a service contract with MobiFone.

2. Charging method

·       Customers who register for the non-full circle cycle (1 day in a month) will be free to use the solution until the end of the month. Begin charging the solution from the 1 month after that.

·       Renew the charge until May 5 + 1, if the charge is not done, the service will be stopped.

o   Customers pay equipment and installation fees after signing the contract

o   Service subscriber fee will be charged to business account via SIM VAS (1 enterprise can use only 1 VAS SIM to charge and may have many M2M SIM cards for many enterprise's devices)

·       At the time of charging, if:

o   If fee is charged successfully: Customers continue to use

o   If fee is not charged successfully: The system will suspend the service until the fee is charged successfully. When paused, the service cannot be used. At the same time, the system will send notice of the service suspension and ask customers to pay service fee to continue using.




Question 1: To use MobiTrack service, which package do customers have to register? Could you please state the component of the package?

Answer: Customers need to register MobiTrack package to be able to use MobiTrack journey monitoring service. A set of solutions includes equipment and solutions. Package is as follows:

·       Equipment price: VND 2,750,000 / set of Skybox M1 cruise monitoring equipment

·       Solution package by month VND 75,000 / month, by year: VND 900,000/ year

·       Data package is in accordance with current regulations of MobiFone.

Question 2: Can you register MobiTrack cruise monitoring service through specific channels and specific actions?

Answer: subscriber support service: Enterprise customers.

For registration channels, customers will be guided specifically by AM staff.

Question 3:  Which vehicle is the Journey Surveillance equipment used for?

Answer: Skybox M1 Journey Surveillance equipment: Used in cruise monitoring for a variety of vehicles:

·       Truck - Taxi

·       Passenger cars - Ships

·       Bus - Construction vehicles

Question 4: Is Skybox M1 device a manufacture or import device?

Answer: Skybox M1 device is a device designed and manufactured by Skysoft Company in Vietnam.

Question 5: Does MobiTrack equipment and management software meet the standards of the Ministry of Transport?


·       Equipment: Skybox M1 is a device manufactured by Skysoft Company in Vietnam. The device is certified to meet the Vietnamese standard QCVN 31: 2014 of the Ministry of Transport.

·       MobiTrack Software: The software has been developed to ensure that all reports according to the latest standards are fully met: QCVN31: 2014 of the Ministry of Transport.

Question 6: In addition to the basic features of monitoring equipment, what features does Skybox M1 have compared to other devices on the market?

Answer: In addition to the basic features of a GSHT device, Skybox M1 devices are capable of integrating:

·       Integrated Camera: can integrate from 1 camera to 6 cameras / 1xe to help the passenger transport business manage revenue remotely and reduce the costs associated with paying salaries for inspectors on the road.

·       Integrated Fuel Sensor to manage fuel consumption, fuel intake and fuel fraud (when system fraud occurs, immediately send an alert email to the manager ...).

Question 7: Camera manufactured domestically or imported? Warranty period:

Answer: The camera is imported from Hong Kong and is warranted for 12 months from the date of installation.

Question 8: In a vehicle, you want to install 2 cameras and fuel sensor at the same time, do you have to install 2 devices?

Answer: The device integrates both Camera and Fuel Sensor at the same time so customers only need to install 01 device in the car.

Question 9: Which unit is the map used on MobiTrack software? Is there a constant update?

Answer: The map used on the software of MobiTrack service is a map directly produced by Skysoft so it is completely active in updating and editing. Skysoft has a map center that constantly updates new routes. In addition, the system has an interactive section where customers can send request for map updates and will be updated within 24 hours.

Question 10: If the vehicle enters the area without phone reception, will the history be reviewed?

Answer: The internal memory of Skybox M1 devices is designed to be stored with memory chips instead of traditional memory cards. The memory chip has the ability to store 10 days of continuous data, when the vehicle exits the phone coverage area, the data history will be transmitted in full so it can be viewed again.

Question 11: When attaching the device to the car, is it easy to cause a fire and does it affect the electrical equipment of the car?

Answer: The device is designed with separate power cord 2 red black. The red wire is positive, the black is connected to the negative. On the positive power cord (red) is connected a fuse in series. If the device fires, in the case of causing an open source circuit, it has no effect on the input source, in the case of an input source short-circuit, the power cord fuse will break without affecting the vehicle's source. Therefore, when mounting the device to the vehicle, it is not possible to cause a fire to the electrical equipment in the vehicle.

Question 12: In fact, to manage how many trips the car has, it takes a lot of workers standing at the construction site to monitor the management. So MobiTrack's management system solves this problem?

Answer: Vehicle management system by GPS can make detailed statistics on how many trips the vehicle runs by different methods such as:

·       Counting trips Single points (loading yards, delivery yards ...).

·       Counting multiple trips at the same time (Multipoint counting).

·       Counting the trips according to the vehicle's running speed (according to the different ends ..)

All will be detailed statistics into Excel File