Mobile Ads is a service that allows providers of services and products to access, introduce to MobiFone subscribers about their services and products through SMS Brandname, Ringbacktone, Flash SMS, USSD, Display Ads. Through Mobile Ads service, goods selling units can easily access to target customers with criteria made available by the operator such as age, gender, location, consuming behaviors.

Benefits when using the service:

For Advertisers (customers)

·         Receive a general solution on Mobile Marketing based on all current resources of MobiFone network.

·         Diversify advertisement scenario with the random combination of different resources available (SMS, USSD, IVR, etc); improve creativeness and effectiveness for customers' communication strategy.

·         Analyze and collect statistics on report parameters after strategy, helping customers make decisions on subsequent strategies.

For MobiFone subscribers

·         MobiFone subscribers will be updated with advertisement information, preferential programs, promotions, discount, etc quickly and punctually, accurately from advertisers and favorite brandnames.

·         Given with special prizes, coupon, phone cards, etc. when participating in communication campaigns of advertisers.


1. SMS Brandname service via Mobile Ads:

SMS Brandname is a service that is used to replace the display of normal phone numbers with names of enterprises, labels, units, organizations when sending Advertising news to mobile subscribers by specific time and targets.

Functions: SMS brandname has the function of notifying information of Advertising Agents to MobiFone subscribers. Each message of Brandname will use at most 160 characters to transfer advertising content. In the message content, Advertising agents can attach links to their website, Facebook for subscribers to click directly.

Objectives: Send advertising news as per each specific scenario with each different target of the Enterprise (Mobile Ads system of Centech will automatically filter and take data).

2. Flash SMS, USD services:


·         Advertising via Flash SMS (CPM): is the form of advertising with SMS displayed directly on screen of MobiFone subscribers when the phone is in idle mode; subscribers can read directly or refuse reading (20 seconds displayed on screen). Under this form of advertising, customers cannot interact.

·         Advertising Flash SMS via USSD (CPC): is the form of advertising with SMS displayed directly on screen of MobiFone subscribers when the phone is in idle mode; subscribers can read directly or refuse reading (30 seconds displayed on screen). Under this form of advertising, customers can interact.


·         Send advertising messages to MobiFone subscribers by suitable regions and subjects and at the same time it is possible to interact immediately. Flash SMS is also a good method to create effects in order to support for event. For example, run Flash SMS for people in the area surrounding the place where event happens and invite them to attend.

·         Make survey interacting with subscribers through information transmitted directly and recognize feedback from subscribers.

3. Ringbacktone advertising service - Ringbacktone:

Concept: Advertising through ringback tone is the form of advertising with audio files based on ringback tones from subscriber A calling to subscriber B. In which subscriber B is a MobiFone subscriber who has set ringback tone with an advertising audio file under requirement of enterprise. Subscriber A may be an international/indigenous mobile or fixed subscriber (of all networks).

Objective: Enterprise can use advertisements through ringback tone for purposes:

·         Advertising information similarly to a section of audio advertisement

·         Spreading brand name with good and interesting songs linked to images of labels, products

Target users: MobiFone subscribers using two-direction service who do not decline receiving advertisements.

4. Top-up service:

Concept: Top up is a form of adding money directly to account for the winning subscriber through the system connecting Centech and MobiFone. Top up goes with SMS Brandname, Flash SMS services; in each campaign, there will be prizes for participants with specific scenario.


·         Topup adds money directly to account of the winning subscriber with at least 5,000 Vnd.

·         Accounts participating in the program getting prizes from advertising companies will be classified in a file.

1. User functions:

·         System administrator:

o    Manage user subjects (create/decentralize functions).

·         Financial management:

o    Manage account of advertisement agencies.

o    Recharge account; warning on running out money in account.

o    Manage cash flow in advertisement campaigns.

·         Manage advertisement campaigns:

o    Manage the approval/suspension of advertisement campaigns.

·         Manage advertisement agencies

o    Manage account as per each user.

·         Manage content:

o    Manage advertisement content in accordance with regulations.

·         Advertisement agencies

o    Manage advertisement campaigns (create/modify).

o    Report/collect statistics on objectives/cash flow/effectiveness of advertisement campaigns.

·         Distributor/application developers

o    Manage information of applications uploaded to the system.

o    Take nominal code for each application.

o    Report/collect statistics on revenue/profits on each application

·         Advertisement agencies

o    Provide tools for managing Sub Agencies on account/financial flow

o    Monitor effectiveness/data on strategies of Sub Agency

2. System functions:

·         Functions on analyzing, reporting loss and profit:

o    Analysis data is displayed by time (hour/day/week/month/year) by each agency and all agencies.

o    Display CPM/CPC as per agency and all agencies.

o    Display advertisement data on each application (resources).

o    Display revenue/traffic chart as per agency and all agencies.

o    Analyze by mobile devices/operating system.

·         Function on supporting customer care:

o    View data information of the campaign.

o    View information on expenses/balance of the campaign.

·         Function of creating advertisement campaign

o    Create advertisement campaign with options for subject orientation

§  User data information (gender, age, location, etc)

§  Information on terminal devices (types, operating system, etc.)

§  Application/resources will display.

o    Information on types of campaign for each agency and all agencies

·         By each type of service

o    CPM / CPC

o    Advertising SMS / USSD / RingbackTone

·         By each type of campaign in corresponding to service scenarios

·         Function of managing account of advertisement agency

o    Manage account/campaign of advertisement agency

o    Manage statistical information on strategy as per each type of service, each service scenario.

·         Function of analyzing on providing advertisement campaign to subscribers

o    Based on input data of subscribers, the system can analyze and provide preferential advertisement campaigns.



1. Service website/Wapsite:

2.  Service tariff: (VAT included, apply to standard message with 160 characters)



Service tariff (Vnd/SMS)


Real estate, good-number Sim

220 VND


Other fields

550 VND

Payment method: Prepaid

3. Policies on paying sale fee for agents:


SMS volume

Sale expense (%)

Usage period


Real estate, good-number Sim


1 month


Other fields




Under 500,000 SMS


1 months


500,001 - 1,000,000 SMS


1 months


1.000.001 - 1.500.000 SMS


2 months


1.500.001 - 2.000.000 SMS


2 months


2.000.001 - 2.500.000 SMS


3 months


2.500.001 - 10.000.000 SMS


3 months


10.000.001 - 15.000.000 SMS


5 months


From 15.000.000 SMS onward


6 months



4. Flash SMS, USSD, Ringback Tone services

Service tariff:



Tariff applies within the first three months since the time the service is officially provided

Tariff is applied after 3 months since the time the service is officially provided



Flash SMS + USSD



CPE (one time displaying to subscriber)



CPC (cost per click/1 subscriber)


Ringback tone



1 subscriber/1 Ads ringback tone/1 month



1 subscriber/1 Ads ringback tone/1 week

a.    Payment method: Prepaid.

b.    Policies on paying sale fee for agents

Order value (VND)


Sale expense (%)

Usage period

Under 100.000.000


6 months

From 100.000.001 - 200.000.000


6 months

From 200.000.001 - 300.000.000


6 months

From 300.000.001 - 400.000.000


6 months

From 400.000.001 - 500.000.000


6 months

From 500.000.001 -


6 months



12 months

5. Top-up service:

Payment method: prepaid.

Policies on paying sale fee for agents


E-Card, top-up


Policies on paying sale fee for agents with Top up service








MOBIFONE is the organization in charge, which hosts to provide MobileAds service

o    Business orientation (quotation, policies, rate of sharing revenue, etc)

o    Strategy orientation, approval of proposals, policies in order to ensure the feasibility of project and the development of products in short and long term. (Strategy orientations, proposals, policies provided by technical and business divisions of the organization in charge and the solution providers will be discussed and agreed upon).

o    Prepare plan and solutions on implementing marketing for the service.

o    Develop agents, sign contract with agents.

o    Manage and operate MobileAds system.

o    Manage information, manage and operate BI system in bear responsibility to ensure confidentiality of data collected by MobiFone.

o    Periodically check and monitor message sending activities in MobileAds, subscription data on AdsMobi Campaign Processor block.

CENTECH is the organization providing and managing system techniques:

o    Provides technical solutions

o    Develop and manage Hardware system

o    Build Mobile Ads software system

o    Implement, operate, maintain Mobile Ads system in order to ensure that the system works effectively, stably and best meets requirements from advertising agents.

o    Prepare plan and solutions on implementing marketing for the service.

o    Can play the role as an advertising agency.

o    Commit and take responsibility for ensuring safety for subscription data during implementation and provision of service.

o    Effectively use the role of AdsMobi Campaign Processor system within MobileAds service.

ADVERTISING AGENCY is an unit providing Mobile Ads service of MobiFone to customers with communication campaigns in MobileAds system. 

Responsibility and interests for participants:






Advertisement agencies

  • Promote for products/services of customers in Mobile Ads system of MobiFone network
  • Have rights to use all services that Mobile Ads system is providing in accordance with the contract between two parties.
  • Enjoy sale policy on each order value in accordance with regulations
  • It is allowed to require support, report during and after the end of the campaign.
  • Pay advertisement budget as per unit price of Mobile Ads products.
  • Provide advertisement content on demand.
  • Bear responsibility on advertisement content


Solution provider (Centech)

  • Enjoy revenue as per the rate agreed with MobiFone.
  • Can require support on technical connections from units in charge.
  • Can propose sale solutions, scenario and policies.


  • Provide solutions to meet requirements of advertisement agencies and capacity of unit in charge.
  • Combine on technical operation to ensure that the system will operate effectively and stably


Unit in charge (MobiFone)

  • Enjoy revenue as per the rate agreed
  • Can require solution provider providing solutions on research and development of products
  • Support solution provider in connecting with advertisement resources
  • Support in approving sale solutions, scenario and policies.
  • Support in developing products and sale through agencies and direct customers.
  • Operate system management.