The MobiFone mAICall application helps users make personalized calls with automatic calling to different target groups to notify pre-written contents corresponding to each target group.



- Support to synchronize with contacts in SIM and phone of the user to the app

- Create personalized call content: use text-to-speech technology to set up automated call campaigns: Select individual call, call time, create call content:

+ Create group to receive calls: actively select multiple groups of people to receive calls automatically

+ With the content of the call, users can insert personalized information fields such as name, title, address. The call recipient will hear your exact name, nickname, address

+ Create key to receive feedback: The user can set the feedback keys when the customer presses the corresponding key

+ Schedule automatic calls: Set call dates, call times of the day

+ Automatic callback: option to automatically redial when the subscriber does not answer the phone, the phone is busy, the answering machine leaves a message and answers the phone in less than 6 seconds. Optional interval between callbacks

+ Provide available automatic call suggestion templates: Automatic call suggestion templates are introduced in the app with available call scripts and corresponding settings

- Report automatic campaign results: reports the number of calls, the rate of answering the phone, the duration of each phone answering, keystroke statistics, average call duration, telecommunication costs of the campaign.




Personal customer registration fee


Fee for registering and maintaining mAICall service

  • Tariff: VND 10,000/ month.
  • The amount of VND 10,000 was added to the account on the APP.




Package name


The corresponding additional amount in the account


VND 20,000



VND 50,000



VND 100,000



VND 200,000



Automatic call service fee

Level-based call fee

Service fee is based on the number of subscriber numbers that receive a separate call automatically for each campaign (the number of subscribers in the call list of customers)

Fee for service/ subscriber receiving calls.

Fee for service/ subscriber with incoming calls.

VND 550


Telecommunication charges

Fee for voice calls via hotline beginning number

Number of calls

Internal network call fee

External network call fee (in Vietnam)

< 1,000 minutes

VND 550/ minute

VND 900/ minute

1,001- 5,000 minutes

VND 480/ minute

VND 850/ minute

5,001- 10,000 minutes

VND 460/ minute

VND 800/ minute

10,001 minutes or more

VND 440/ minute

VND 780/ minute








- Customers select the packages in item 2, the amount deducted from the main account will be converted on the App account. When customers make a call, MobiFone will deduct gradually from the App account including automatic call fee detailed in section 2.1 and telecommunication charge detailed in section 2.2.

- The above charges include VAT

- Maximum campaign latency is 15 minutes from the start of the campaign

- The service maintenance package of 10,000 will automatically renew according to the 31-day cycle



- Visit Website to download the application and register the service

- Visit apple store or google play to search for mAICall app to download the app and use the service           



- The amount of the package purchase is deducted from your main account, and your account verification via OTP is sent from brandname MobiFone.AI                                                  

- The package for individual customers will be automatically renewed at the end of the cycle.