M090 is a specialized customer care application for MobiFone subscribers. The application allows customers to create services according to their needs, self-naming services, buy/donate services, manage, maintain, cancel services, recharge, check data, promotional messages ... directly on phones, smartphones, computer



You can use the M090 to:

- Check the prepaid/postpaid account information of customers, the services are in used.

- Check the capacity of the service.

- Create and buy services at super saving price.

- Name the services as you wish.

- Donate / share services to friends and relatives (coming soon).

- Fast Deposit / Payment with Scanning Camera (coming soon).

- Get promotion from MobiFone and partners.

- Speed dial to customer service center.

- Search for the nearest MobiFone stores using location positioning feature.





Charge(VAT included)


Data charges when accessing applications



Internal SMS

85 - 150 VND (depends on cycle of use)


Networked SMS

250 - 280 VND (depends on cycle of use)


Internal Call

436 - 500 VND (depends on cycle of use)


Networked Call

780 - 1000 VND (depends on cycle of use)



40 – 50 VND/MB (depends on cycle of use)




Download and install the M090 application:

- Option 1: Access the application store: Play Store / CH play or Apple Store on your mobile phone, then follow the instructions to find and install the M090 application.

- Option 2: Access via website to download the application , then follow the instructions and install the application.


Access via Website : Log on to the service's website , then follow the instructions and use the service.


Service User Guide

Please visit


Target customers

Prepaid subscribers and postpaid subscribers are active two-way on the MobiFone network.


General Regulation

The system provides customers with daily, weekly and monthly services

- Daily : There is a 24-hour period from the time a customer brought the service.

- Weekly : There is a 7-day period from the time a customer brought the service.

- Monthly : There is a 30-day period from the time a customer brought the service.

When purchasing new services that are different from the previous one, the system will cancel the remaining capacity of the old service and update the capacity and life cycle of the new service.