FoneBackup is a service that helps MobiFone subscribers back up, synchronize personal data on mobile phone such as Contact, Calendar to MobiFone Portal system and vice versa  . 



·  Back up, synchnorize personal data on mobile phone to MobiFone Portal system

·  Back up, synchnorize personal data on MobiFone Portal system to mobile phone 






1. Requirements for using the service:

To use FoneBackup service, MobiFone subscribers need to have:

- Phones supporting FoneBackup service.

- Subscribers have registered and installed GPRS service.

- Subscribers have installed FoneBackup configuration.

- Set Timezone on phone is GMT+7.

- Using service within coverage of GPRS.

- Have registered as MobiFone Portal members.

2. Service use:

·    Synchnorize data: After installing FoneBackup service configuration, to use the service, subscribers need to activate the application synchnorized on phone. Normally, this application is located at Settings >> Connectivity >> Sync. Starting synchronizing with FoneBackup. In the first time of synchronization, all contacts, personal data on the phone will be posted to MobiFone Portal. In the next times of synchronization, the service will only synchronize data which changes in compared with the previous synchronization.

·    Manage data on web: After logging in MobiFone Portal, access to the top menu as per the link: VAS ->FoneBackup -> Contacts. The system will display all contacts which have been synchronized. This contacts is completely independent with address book of customers on MobiFone Portal. Customers can implement functions on web for the synchronized contacts such as: search, delete, edit, add, export contacts to file, copy contacts to the address book in MobiFone Portal.

3. Service settings:

To setup configuration on terminal devices, customer may use one of the two ways as follows:

·    Automatic settings:

Write SMS with content "FBU" to 994 for settings, content "MK FBU" to 994 to retrieve password.

Or log in MobiFone Portal, use automatic setting functions for FoneBackup.

After receiving configuration SMS, fill PIN code of 1234 for setting.

·    Manual service configuration setting:

FoneBackup service configuration:

§ Configuration name: FoneBackup

§ Service host address:

§ Service access portal: 80

§ Connection: select Mobi-gprs

§ Username: your phone number - 09xxxxxxxx, 012xxxxxxxx

§ Password: write "MK FBU" to get password

§ Contact database name: card

§ Calendar database name: cal

o  GPRS configuration:

§ Connection name: Mobi-gprs

§ APN: m-wap

§ Access name: mms

§ Password: mms