Fastshare is a service that allows MobiFone subscribers to share main account with big denomination with each other that will help MobiFone customers share phone main account more conveniently as necessary and increase the spending of subscribers with low account and those who share their account.



1. Password management: Users can setup and change password to use the service or use OTP for each time of sharing account.

2. Account sharing function:

- Proactively share account for another subscriber or invite other subscribers to share account

- Interact in sharing account by group

- Remind subscribers who use account sharing function

- Invite another subscriber to share account

- Proactively share account with another subscriber

- Set to automatically share account with another subscriber

3. Promotion for users.

4. Function allowing sending wishes/cards when sharing account

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1. Subjects of provision:

·         The service is provided for all MobiFone prepaid subscribers who are operating with two directions.

·         Not Fast Connect subscribers.

2. Conditions for using the service:

Subscriber sharing:

·         Prepaid subscribers who have been active for at least 45 days from the moment of activation to the time of transaction.

·         Subscribers are on two-way operation at the time of making transactions.

·         Amount + fee of sharing ≤ main account amount.

Subscribers being shared:

·         Prepaid subscribers who are not blocked with two directions at the time of sharing.

3. Charging principles:

·         Each time of sharing must be more than 10,000 Vnd and a multiple of 1,000.

·         Each time of sharing is no more than 100,000 Vnd

·         Each day of sharing is not more than 300,000 Vnd

·         Apply to main account only

·         Fee for each time of sharing: the amount to the receiver will be deducted with 15%.