The Tio Smart Watch is a service that helps parents and relatives stay in control of their children and communicate with them anytime, anywhere via the Tio Smart Watch.

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Features :

- Watch time.

- Listen, call, send two-way voice message between the watch and the phone.

- Receive SMS from phone.

- Locate the location of the watch on the mobile app.

- Danger warning function SOS.

- Safe Zone Function: Parents receive alerts when their children leave or enter safe areas.

- Bonus point function, daily step count.




Package includes :

- Tio watch.

- Charger, cable.

- Quick guide.

- User manual.







Network fee

25.000 VND

- Customers will get a set of smart watches (watches, chargers cable and chargers).


- Receive free calls and free SMS.


- 100MB high speed data + 100 minutes internal network call.


- Charges incurred will be calculated according to the current regulations of the network.

- The service will automatically renew after the 30-day cycle expires.


- The watch only works with the Tiokid and does not apply to other MobiFone services.


Input/Output device fee

1.290.000 VND


Subscription fee (applies to the device)


Monthly service (TIOKID)

50.000 VND / 30 days


Cancellation fee

- 200 VND if canceled +999

- Free with other cancellation channels


Download and installation fee






Implementation channel

Describe how to register

Store, agency, point of sale, AM staff, channel partner

- Step 1 : Customers purchase a set of products including watches + SIM card and register to use the service


- Step 2 :

 + Salesman activates SIM card + TIOKID service on MobiFone system.

 + Customer can resigter TIOKID service by texting DK TIOKID to 999(200VND/SMS)


- Step 3 : Salesman insert a SIM card into the watch, turn on the watch, download the app on Google Play (Android) or on the Appstore (IOS) and instruct the customer how to use it.




Implementation channel

Detailed description

Store, agency, point of sale, AM staff, channel partner

- Customer contact staff or cancel the service on the sim card (SIM on the Tio watch)


- How to cancel the package: text HUY TIOKID to 999


Use the main features of the service



How to use

Features on the watch

View hours / calendar day-month-year

- Once the Tio watch is activated and connected, the time will be updated according to the standard time.

- To switch between two modes: View hour/Day-month-year, press the power button lightly.

Sending a Voice Message to a Phone

- Hold down the SOS key for 4 seconds then stop, the recording function is turned on - the Tio watch screen will display the bear image and start recording the child's voice for 10 seconds (the time is counted down from 10 to 00 seconds).


Instruct children to talk quickly to send the message to their parents!

- After the recording is finished Tio watch will automatically send the Voice Message to the monitored phone.

The Heart icon will blink until the message is successfully sent

Make a direct call to a phone

- Press SOS key once to display Call List.

- Press the SOS key one by one to select the number to call in the list.

- When you reach the number that you want, press and hold the SOS key for 5 seconds to make a call.

- To end the call, press the power key.

Emergency Alert (SOS)

- Press and hold the SOS key for 8 seconds until the Tio watch display the 2 bears image and starts counting backwards for 15 seconds. When the Tio watch starts counting down, the recording function is turned on, instructing children to speak fast to send emergency messages to parents and relatives.

- After counting back to 00, the recording function is turned off, the screen returns to normal.

- A 15 second recording and emergency SMS sent to all phones who are using the app and tracking the Tio Watch.

Features on the phone of parents.

Open the Tio Watch application on the parent phone to use the features

Scan location

- Select the Scan Location menu, press the Location button, the application will require the Tio Watch to provide location information once. After 5 - 10 seconds information about the current location of the Tio Watch will be displayed on the map.

- Beside location information is information about the remaining battery of the Tio Watch, information about locate methods.


- Select the Scan Location menu, when the Recording button is pressed, the Tio Watch will automatically turn on the recording feature and perform a 10-second recording to record the sound around the Tio Watch and send it back to the application.

On this page, at the location where the sound is recorded, the Phonetic icon is displayed. Touch this icon to hear it.


- In an emergency, may request access to the TioWatch 3 times per minute by touching the SOS button in the Scan Location menu.

Call directly to the watch

When you want to make a call, press the Call button on the main view

Send SMS and voice messages to Tio Watch

Select the Messages menu :

- To send an SMS, enter the text and click the Send button

- To send a voice message, press the speaker button on the left, then press and hold the "Hold to talk" button. At this point, the screen displays the microphone to start recording within 10 seconds, after 10 seconds the recording is sent to the watch.

View route logs

Select the Log menu, select the date you want to view


Select the Add menu :

- Select recharge

- Select subscriber to recharge

- Enter the scratch card code and click Recharge



Price calculation method

- Services are available on prepay basis. When the customer successfully register, the charge will be deducted from the subscriber's main account.

- The call arise cost will be deducted from the secondary account (for on-net calls) and primary account (for internal and external calls).

- At the time of deduction, if :

            + Successful deduction: Customers continue using the service. The successful deduction day will be the start of the next billing cycle.

            + Unsuccessful deduction: The service will pause until successful billing. Upon termination, the customer will not be able to use the service and will have notice on the parent's application for suspension and will require the customer to pay for the service.

payment method

- Reccharge with scratch card or EZ

- Direct deposit at MobiFone shops









Tio watch


Tio Watch management application can operate on any operating system?

Currently, Tio watch management application works on smartphones using Android operating system 4.3 or higher or IOS 7.1 or higher.

- For Android phones, you can download the "Tio-smart watch for children" app at Google Play.

- For iOS phones, you can download the "Tio-smart watch for children" app at App Store.


How long does the battery last?

The battery used in the Tio Watch is a Lithium-320mAh battery, which can last up to 4 days depending on the location method of the selected watch.

If the Wifi + GSM location mode is set, the Tio Watch standby battery can be used for 2 - 3 days.

If the GPS location mode is set, the standby battery of the Tio Clock can be used for 1.5 to 2 days.


Does the Tio watch has water resistance?

Tio watch is certified dustproof and waterproof according to IP65 standard by the General Department of Metrology. The products can withstand hand washing or light rain.


When does Tio watch alert that there's no data connection?

When Tio watch run out of data and money so that can not connect to  the system

You can call MobiFone's Customer Care Center 18001090 or take them to MobiFone's shops for instructions.


What is the White List, or Tio watch call List?

The white list of Tio watch includes phone numbers that can connect to the Tio Watch.

The Tio watch can only call, receive calls with the number in the whitelist.


How is the time on the Tio watch adjusted?

- After activation and connection, the Tio watchwill automatically update in local time

- Unable to install time on Tio watch manually due to limitation of keys on Tio watch.


What to do when Tio watch can not receive sim card?

- Tio watch can only use MobiFone SIM card

- Customer can check whether the SIM card is inserted correctly or not (place the contact surface of SIM card on top and cutting edge corner in advance) or can call the customer care center of MobiFone 18001090 or bring to the store of MobiFone for more instructions.


What to do when Tio watch can not turn off with power key?

When the Tio watch is connected, Tio watch can only be turned off from the Application. If you hold down the power button, the watch will restart.


What to do when Tio watch can not turn on?

- Possibly due to out of battery, need to charge

- If you don’t see the charger icon, you can call MobiFone's Customer Care Center 18001090 or bring to the MobiFone store for instructions.


What to do when you can not connect to Tio watch?

Possibly due to a number of reasons:

- The SIM card account does not have enough money, you need to add more money to your account.

- SIM card account has not yet activated

- Parent’s phone not connected, please check WiFi or 3G network.


You can call MobiFone's Customer Care Center 18001090 or take them to MobiFone's shops for instructions.


Login, set password


How to log out?

- When the primary account (as well as the secondary account) logs out, other accounts remain connected to the system still receive the clock's location information.

- Once logged back, the old location information will be updated.


What to do when you forget the lock pattern?

Select "Forget the lock?" And log back in with the login password, lock pattern will turn off and you can reset it in the Settings.


What to do when you forget login password?

When you forget your login password, select "Forgot password?" On the application, enter the confirmation code send to your phone number (via SMS) and enter your new password.