Buzz Me service enables mobile subscriber A, who is a prepaid subscriber of MobiFone, to leave a missed call to another MobiFone subscriber B in case account of subscriber A runs out of money or is not sufficient to make a normal call.



  • The system responses in real-time basis and immediately creates a missed call when the calling subscriber does not have sufficient money in account to make a call.
  • The service is not dependent on terminals. Any mobile devices can use the service.
  • The service supports MobiFone prepaid subscribers to make Buzz Me calls.
  • The system supports in monitoring in order to recognize calls arising (in MobiFone network)

  • MobiFone prepaid subscribers can use Buzz Me service for free of charge without subscription.
  • The system enables MobiFone subscribers to turn on/off the function of making Buzz Me calls. Buzz Me function is On by default for prepaid subscribers who are not locked with two directions.
  • The system enables all MobiFone subscribers (subscriber B is the call receiving one, including prepaid and postpaid subscribers) to decline Buzz Me calls from all other subscribers, or from the list of specific numbers.

  • Service short-code: 9216
  • Provision channels: SMS
  • Service price: The service is provided for free for all prepaid subscribers of the network.



Service subscription/cancellation for SMS channel:




Implementation method


Service subscription

Write DK to 9216



Service cancellation

Write HUY to 9216


Turn off Buzz Me calls made to another subscription number

Write HUY <phone number> to 9216


Turn on Buzz Me call made to a subscription number who has been turned off previously

Write BAT <Phone number> to 9216


Check the list of subscription numbers for which Buzz Me calls have been turned off.

Write KT HUY to 9216


Check service status (active)

Write KT to 9216


Decline Buzz Me calls (for subscriber B

Write TC to 9216


Accept Buzz Me calls (for subscriber B

Write DY to 9216


Decline Buzz Me calls from another subscriber

Write TC <phone number> to 9216


Accept Buzz Me calls from a MobiFone subscriber

Write DY <Phone number> to 9216


Check the list of subscription numbers for which Buzz Me calls have been declined.

Write KT TC to 9216


See guidance

Write HD to 9216



Target users and service use:

  • Subscriber A: All MobiFone prepaid subscribers who are operating in two directions. 
  • Subscriber B: All MobiFone subscribers who are not locked with two directions.

Conditions for making Buzz Me call:

The service applies to cases where the calling subscriber (subscriber A), a prepaid subscriber who is operative with two directions on MobiFone network, or who is not locked with calling directio, makes call as requested.

Buzz Me call to another subscriber (subscriber B is also a MobiFone subscriber who is not locked with two directions) can only be made in case it meet all conditions below:

  • Account of subscriber A is not sufficient to make a call to subscriber B.
  • Subscriber A is not in indeginous or international roaming mode.
  • Subscriber B does not intentionally set call blocking from subscriber A with Call Busy, Call Barring services.

Anti-spam regulations:

  • The system only allows making 1 Buzz Me call in each period of 1 hour from subscriber A to subscriber B for avoidance of making spam missed calls to subscriber B.