mStatus allows you to send customized messages to phone screens of callers or call receivers…

mStatus introduce detail


Main features of service:

  • Setting up customized messages on phone screens of callers.
  • Editing or update customized messages.
  • Creating personal collection of messages

  • Instructing how to use the service: After the service is registered successfully and its status is active, all your incoming/outgoing calls will display mStatus default messages.
  • Describing mStatus message in details:
    • mStatus messages are displayed under flash message format.
    • The content of mStatus messages includes 2 parts: Default content (Phone number of subscribers and name of service) and customized content. The customized content is prepared by subscribers. It must be 130 characters at maximum, written in Vietnamese without accents. It also supports special characters such as  - / : ; ( ) & @ " . , ? ! ' { # % * + = _ \ < > $ 
      Some special characters are not supported such as: ^ | [ ] } ~ ¥ € 

      For example: 090xxxxxxx – DV mStatus:Chuc ngay moi an lanh
    • There are 03 types of contents:
      • Default content messages
      • General content
      • Content messages collection


1. Rates chart (Including VAT)





Automatic renewal


Subscription fee

  2. Daily subscription (MS1)

500 VND/day

01 day


  2. Weekly subscription (MS7)

3,000 VND/week

07 days

3.    Monthly subscription (MS30)


9,000 VND/month

30 days


SMS sent to short codes

Free of charge





2. How to calculate rates:

  • Duration of use = 24 hours x number of days of each respective package (1, 7, 30 days)
  • You are allowed to register only 01 package at one time. To register another package, you have to cancel the current package and register a new package.
  • Subscription fee is deducted from the main account balance of prepaid subscribers OR included on monthly bills of postpaid subscribers. 

mStatus tariff details


1. Service channel:

2.  Via SMS

To cancel service: Text HUY to 9226

3. Via website

  • From your computer, go to 
  • Sign in with your account
  • Use service by following the instructions

4. Via wapsite

  • From Internet devices, go to via GPRS/EDGE/3G provided by MobiFone.
  • The system will automatically recognize your subscription.
  • Use service by following the instructions 


         1.  Eligiblity: All MobiFone’s two-way active subcribers.

 2. Conditions

  • All MobiFone’s currently two-way active subscribers.
  • This service is only applicable for outgoing/incoming calls within MobiFone’s network.
  • This service is not applicable for outgoing/incoming calls via free calls app (such as Viber, Facetime…)
  • You must use a cell phone supporting Flash SMS format. 

3. Package renewal terms

  • Subscription fee is deducted after you successfully register service. It will be automatically renewed upon its expiration if you do not request to cancel.
  • For postpaid subscribers: Subscription fee is included on monthly bills.
  • For prepaid subscribers: Subscription fee is deducted from the main account. At the date of renewal:
    • For prepaid subscribers using daily subscription MS1 and weekly subscription MS7: If subscribers have unsufficient account balance to pay MS1, MS7 subscription fee, the system shall attempt to deduct fee from their account balance during a specified period (for MS1 subscription: 15 days, for MS7 subscription: 21 days).
      • If subscription fee is successfully deducted, only the most recently cycle’s fee is counted. You can continue using service under same cycle.
      • If subscription fee is not successfully deducted: service is cancelled. To continue using servie, you have to register again.
    • For prepaid subscribers using MS30 monthly subscription, fee is deducted at a diminishing rate: During a cycle, the system will attempt to deduct fee at 03 rates 9,000 VND/ 5,000 VND/ 4,000 VND
      • During a cycle, total amount of successful attempts to deduct fee shall be equal to the subscription fee you use.
      • If the subscription fee is successfully deducted at once: you can continue using service. The remaining subscription fee shall be deducted over the rest of the cycle.
      • At the end of the cycle, if the remaining subscription fee is not paid, it will be forfeited and the system will attempt to charge subscription fee for next cycle. Notifications will be sent to customers to notify them of successful fee deduction.
      • At the end of the cycle, if remaining subscription fee is not paid, the system shall attempt to deduct fee following one of the above-mentioned methods in subsequent days.
        • The system shall attempt to deduct MS30 subscription fee in 90 days. After 90 days of unsuccessful attempt to deduct fee, the subscription will be cancelled and customers will receive notifications regarding this.

4.  Renewal terms

  • Daily subscription: no notification prior or after each renewal
  • Weekly and monthly subscription: notifications are sent to customers upon successful renewal.
  • When you successfully register subscriptions, you shall receive notifications on automatic renewal.
    1. Other terms and conditions
  • Default message: “Chuc ban mot ngay tot lanh” (Have a good day)
    Note: Default message can be changed in accordance with terms and conditions of MobiFone
  • After successfully registering the subscription, an mStatus message will send to caller/call receiver when there is an outgoing/incoming call. If you do not set up any customized message or delete all customized messages, a default message will be displayed.
  • The number of customized messages are 30 at maximum (including general messages) per subscription

6.  Terms and conditions: Spam

  • Subscriber A is allowed to send messages to subscriber B  with frequency of 01 minute at minimum.
  • Subscriber A is allowed to send to subscriber B maximum 03 messages in 1 day.
  • A subscriber can send to other subscribers at maximum 03 messages in 1 minute.
  • When reaching the maximum of sent messages in 1 minute to different subscribers, subscribers will not be allowed to send more messages for next 30 minutes.
  • When reaching the maximum of sent messages in 1 day to different subscribers, subscribers will not be allowed to send more messages until 23:59:59 of that day. Currently, subscribers are allowed to send 50 messages/ 1 day.

7.  Terms and conditions: Suspension and reactivation



Subscription status

Terms and conditions


One-way, two-way suspension


To suspend the service temporarily, no automatic renewal


Re-activate one-way, two-way suspended subscription

To re-activate the service. If service expires, it will be automatically renewed under the policies of service.


Thuê bao cắt hẳn

Subscription termination

To cancel the service.


Subscribers switch between postpaid and prepaid subscription

No change to the service.