Economy international call package is a package that allows customers to make international calls to many countries and territories with economy rates, depending on the usage demand with a minimum maintenance fee (daily/weekly/monthly)


Subjects: All MobiFone subscribers operating in 02 directions on the network

Conditions of use: Subscribers register and use the service within Vietnam’s territory with MobiFone’s coverage.

Service Use/Registration:



Implementation method

Registration fee





Text “DK_ [Package name]” to 999.

Text “HUY_ [Package Name]” to 999.

Charge of text message to 999: VND 200.



Access MobiFone’s Website/Wapsite, select Value Added Services/IR service/Register for IR service. Customers choose to register or cancel the registered package.

- Free registration

- Corresponding data charge (domestic or international roaming) according to current regulations.


My MobiFone

Access My MobiFone application on your phone, select Value Added Services/IR service/Register for IR service. Customers choose to register or cancel the registered package.

Of which:

Package codes are: QTTK1, QTTK5, QTTK15


Package code

Maintenance fee


(including VAT)

Call direction

International call unit price


(including VAT)

Charging method

Landline & mobile



VND 1,000/day

USA, Canada, China, Hongkong, Korea (South), Singapore, Thailand, India

VND 2,000/minute

1m + 1m



VND 5,000/week

VND 1,750/minute



VND 15,000/month

VND 1,500/minute

Detailed list of callable codes of the QTTK packages: See here.




After successful registration, subscribers make international calls similar to normal IDD call service and are automatically economy saving rates when calling to subscribers of countries in the provided list.

  • Instructions to make calls to international subscribers (00)+ Country code + area code / network code + SN

00: International access code

Country code: The country code of the called subscriber.

Area code: National area code of the called subscriber.

Network code: The network code of the mobile operator of the called subscriber.

SN: International subscriber number to call.

  • Regulations on charging for calls to numbers from the countries in the list provided:

Charging method: 1p + 1p.

Unit price: As stipulated in the Tariff.

  • Regulations on charging for calls to subscribers of countries outside the list provided: Calls are charged according to the current IDD voice regulations.


  • The economy package is valid from the time of successful registration. The maintenance fee is charged to the account of prepaid subscribers or added to the monthly bill of postpaid subscribers.
  • The package is automatically renewed (maintained) after the usage period expires until the customer cancels the package.

  • At the time of renewing the package, if the customer does not request to cancel the package, the system will automatically charge and renew the package. For prepaid subscribers:

+ If the balance in the account of the subscriber <Renewal plan price, the Global Saving package will be temporarily locked.

+ If the amount of money in the account of the subscriber ≥ The package price is renewed, the account of the subscriber will be charged by the package price and you can continue using the package.

  • Request to cancel the package of customers takes effect immediately after the customer successfully executes the cancellation order.
  • After canceling the package successfully, international calls of customers will be charged in accordance with current IDD regulations.
  • At a time, the subscriber can only register 01 in the QTTK packages.
  • At one time, subscribers can register VoIP 1313 packages, QTTK packages or wholesale QT calling packages for VoIP customers 1318 in parallel.
  • Subscribers who are locked with 1 or 2 directions cannot make Saving calls.
  • Subscribers who convert the package from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa will cancel the package even though the package is still in use period.
  • The package is provided for subscribers when joining MobiFone network, not offered when the subscriber roams in the country to Vinaphone network; or when the subscriber roams internationally in a foreign network.