MobiFone subscribers could use SMS international service to send Short Messages to foreign mobile numbers.


Function: International SMS service is available (automatically activated) for all MobiFone post - paid and pre - paid subscribers.
Condition: MobiFone registered subcribers are using mobile service in Vietnamese territory.


Texting SMS from mobile number: 2.500 VND/SMS.
Texting SMS from web portal: 1.900 VND/SMS.
Pricing unit: 1 SMS is a string which contain a maximum of 160 characters (without Diacritical Marks) or 70 characters (with Diacritical Marks)



Customer text the SMS content, send to the foreign mobile number persuant to this below syntax:
[00] + [Country Code] + [Mobile Network Code] + [Called number].
or [+] +  [Country Code] + [Mobile Network Code] + [Called number].



Service rate is regardless to the frequency of using service.
Service Rate is regardless to rush hours or non - peak hours.
To get more information, please kindly contact to MobiFone Customer Care Switchboard - 9090.