International Roaming Service (IR Service) is a service that enables MobiFone’s subscribers (postpaid and prepaid) to stay connected (make/receive calls and send/receive SMS) without having to change SIM Card and mobile phone number when they are abroad and on a number of flights and cruise ships.

Currently, MobiFone is providing International Roaming Service in more than 530 mobile networks of nearly 200 foreign countries in the world.

Due to the policy of stopping the provision of telecommunications services on the 2G (GSM) platform in some countries (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ...), feature phone (only works on GSM waves, wallet For example: nokia 1208, 6300 ...) will not be available in these countries. Customer's phone and SIM should be able to support 3G band to have the best IR service quality.


Which country do you want to go to?

Click on your country for tariff details


 Mobifone Subscriber to International tariff detail


What are the benefits of IR Service?

  • Keep in touch with relatives, friends and business partners with your own MobiFone number;
  • Support all the original services: Making/Receiving call; Sending/Receiving SMS; Using Data;
  • Simple registration via many methods;
  • Enjoy cheap IR plans and services;



Service Registration

  • Registration conditions
  • IR Service (Voice and SMS) shall be opened by default for the prepaid subscribers. To use Data roaming, please register as one of these methods under.
  • Postpaid subscribers who are roaming less than 90 days are not supported to register IR service via SMS. Customers need to go to MobiFone stores for instructions on making deposit procedures.
  • Postpaid Subscribers having usage period of more than 90 days shall be exempted from deposit when registering for IR service. However, you could leave a deposit to expand your IR limit. The minimum deposit is VND 1,000,000 (one million Vietnam Dong) and total deposit shall be multiple of VND 1,000,000.
  • Registration




Via Website

Via MobiFone Shop

Via My MobiFone

Register IR Service (Voice & SMS roaming)

Text “DK_CVQT” and send to 999

Dial: *093*1#OK

You could register or cancel this service via account on MobiFone Portal.

You could register or cancel this service in MobiFone shops.

You could use My MobiFone app for Service Registration and Cancelation in IR service section.

Register IR Service (Voice & SMS & Data roaming)

Text “DK_CVQT_ALL” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*2#OK

Cancel IR Service (Data roaming)

Text “HUY_CVQT_DATA” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*3*1#OK

Cancel IR Service (Voice & SMS & Data roaming)

Text “HUY_CVQT_ALL” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*2*2#OK





  • Notes:
  • Customers who are prepaid subscribers have opened voice and SMS IR service by default, please note when using mobile phones at the border to avoid unexpected charges.
  • To successfully open the IR service (Voice and SMS) via SMS and USSD by default, the customer must be located in Vietnam.
  • If customers do not receive the message to open the default service, please Customers register in the ways above.

Access to roaming network

  • Method 1:
  • Auto: Select Menu → Setting → Select Network → Manual → Select “MOBIFONE” → OK.
  • Normally, when you have successfully registered IR service in Vietnam, when you go abroad, your phone will automatically log into the mobile network that has opened Roaming relationship with MobiFone (mobile network name will appear on phone screen).
  • In case MobiFone opens connection to many mobile networks in that country, your phone will automatically choose the mobile network with the strongest signal.
  • Please note that when traveling near the border area between Vietnam and neighboring countries (China, Laos and Cambodia), customers' mobile phones can automatically update to mobile networks of other countries. this. In order to avoid interference with waves that may arise unintended IR charges, MobiFone will send a warning message to you. If there is no need to use IR service, please turn off IR mode on the phone (Roaming Off). For details on how to turn off IR mode on your phone, please see information in Other setup instructions.
  • Method 2: Manual: Menu → Setting → Select Network → Manual → Select network in the list → OK.


Mobile Brand



Menu → Settings → Network Selection → Carriers → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Settings → Network Services → Networks Selection → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Settings → Phone Settings → Network Selection → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Network Selection → Automatic Search/Manual Search.

Sony Ericson

Menu → Settings → Connection → Networks → Automatic/Manual.


Application → Option → Mobile Network → Automati



  • GPRS Access
  • For networks having agreement on GPRS with MobiFone, customer can use GPRS service while accessing the client networks.
  • Configuring APN to access GRPS:
  • + For IOS: Settings >> Cellular >> Cellular Data Network >> APN >> Set APN: m-wap.
  • + For Android: Settings >> Mobile Network >> Access Point Names >> APNs >> Set APN: m-wap.    
  • Service Manual


Machine model / operating system




(from iOS 8.0 and above)

- Cellular
- Cellular DATA: ON/OFF
- DATA Roaming: OFF


(from OS 8.0 and above)

-> Mobile network
-> Data services: ON/OFF
-> DATA services while roaming: OFF


(from OS 7.0)

-> Network and Connections
-> Mobile network
-> Data services: ON/OFF
-> While roaming: OFF


(HĐH Android)

-> Mobile Data->  Data Roaming: OFF


(HĐH Window Mobile)

->  Mobile + SIM
-> Data Roaming Options: Don’t roam



-> Connection
-> Mobile Network
-> Data Roaming: OFF


(HĐH Android)

-> Network
-> Tethering & Networks
-> Mobile Network
-> DATA enabled: ON/OFF
-> Data Roaming: OFF


(HĐH Window Mobile)

-> Cellular + Sim
-> Data Connection: ON/OFF
-> Data Roaming Options: Don’t roam

  • Instructions on how to call and text


Dialing Method



MobiFone Roaming Subscriber makes call / sends SMS


Call/send SMS to a subscription number of the local roaming country 

Dial all numbers as required by the client network.


Call/send SMS to Vietnam or make international call

"+" (or international number prefix of the country that needs calling)_target country code_phone number (For example: call to fixed numbers in Vietnam: +84483222222).


Foreign subscriber who is roaming to Vietnam (accessing to MobiFone network)


Call/send SMS to a subscription number of Vietnam

Dial all numbers as required (for example: calling to a MobiFone subscriber: 090xxxxxxx or 093xxxxxxxx…).


Call/send SMS to home country or make international calls

00 (or the "+")_code of incoming country_phone number.


Call/send SMS to MobiGold subscriber roaming internationally

Dial phone number as similar as when that subscriber is st


(**) Note: SMS Center need being changed to one of active SMS Centers of MobiFone, namely:


Code of SMS Center

Northern area

            +84900000011                     +84900000066      

Southern area

            +84900000022                     +84900000023      
            +84900000040                     +84900000042      

Middle area

            +84900000015                     +84900000017      



  • IR service is independent of domestic packages registered by customers. Therefore, when going abroad, customers cannot use the domestic Vietnamese packages and services such as Mobile Internet, Fast Connect ... that customers are using domestically. After returning home and successfully canceling IR service, Mobile Internet / Fast Connect packages and VAT services will be restored to normal use. The capacity and usage period of the packages and services remain the same as before using the IR service.
  • To always ensure the spending of your telecommunications bill, MobiFone has set the maximum usage fee limit for each postpaid customer depending on the subscriber. When postpaid customers incur charges exceeding the permitted limit, MobiFone will temporarily block your IR service. To continue using the service, customers need to pay the notified provisional charges. For advice on charge limits, please call the call center 9090.
  • MobiFone IR fee calculation must be based on the fee data that the foreign carrier sends to MobiFone after the customer arises the service. Due to international regulations, the transmission of these charge data is allowed to be delayed up to 30 days from the date of arising. So, the customer's total bill can be shown in the bill of the month they go overseas or the next month.

  • When a customer registers to use MobiFone IR service, Customer has agreed to all conditions of using MobiFone IR service and commits to fully pay for the arising IR fee on time. Customers are responsible for fully paying the actual charges they have used.
  • When the customer stands near the border between Vietnam and neighboring countries (China, Laos and Cambodia), the customer's mobile phone can automatically update to the mobile networks of these countries (for example China Mobile of China). At this time, customers will start to be charged for using IR service if there are calls, messages or Data. When successfully roaming into mobile networks in 3 border countries, customers will receive a notification message from MobiFone: "You are currently using a mobile phone of [Country Name]. LUU Y always chooses to bring it when he is in the world, to join with Vietnam to fight foreign warfare. Contact details at +8490144144 (the need to call Vietnam) "
  • Once MobiFone's IR packages are successfully registered, customers cannot use Data Roaming service in networks / countries that are not within the scope of the package's provision while the package is valid.
  • Look up IR service information
  • To look up service information, write: IR, Roaming, TBTT IR, TBTS IR to 994.
  • To look up the service charge, text: (TENQUOCGIA) to 994.
  • To look up service packages and utilities, write: (TEN GOI CUOC) and send to 994
  • For more information, please call 9090.