International Roaming Service (IR Service) is a service that enables MobiFone postpaid and prepaid subscribers to stay connected (make/receive calls and send/receive SMS) without having to change SIM Card and mobile phone number when they are abroad and on a number of flights and cruise ships.

Currently, MobiFone is providing International Roaming Service in more than 530 mobile networks of nearly 200 foreign countries in the world.


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What are the benefits of IR Service?

  • Keep in touch with relatives, friends and business partners with your own MobiFone number;
  • Support all the original services: Making/Receiving call; Sending/Receiving SMS; Using Data;
  • Simple registration via many methods;
  • Enjoy cheap IR plans and services;



Service Registration and Cancelation




Via Website

Via MobiFone Shop

Via My MobiFone

Register IR Service (Voice & SMS roaming)

Text “DK_CVQT” and send to 999

Dial: *093*1#OK

You could register or cancel this service via account on MobiFone Portal.

You could register or cancel this service in MobiFone shops.

You could use My MobiFone app for Service Registration and Cancelation in IR service section.

Register IR Service (Voice & SMS & Data roaming)

Text “DK_CVQT_ALL” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*2#OK

Cancel IR Service (Data roaming)

Text “HUY_CVQT_DATA” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*3*1#OK

Cancel IR Service (Voice & SMS & Data roaming)

Text “HUY_CVQT_ALL” and send to 999.

Dial: *093*2*2#OK



Prepaid Subscriber

  • IR Service (Voice and SMS) shall be opened by default for the prepaid subscribers. To use Data roaming, please register as one of these methods above. For the subscribers opened IR service by default, please be careful when using mobile phone in frontier area to avoid unexpected IR fee.
  • To be opened by default or register IR service (Voice and SMS) successfully via SMS and USSD, you must be in Vietnam.
  • If you do not receive SMS for default opening, please register as one of these methods above.

Postpaid Subscriber

  • For MobiFone postpaid subscribers having usage period of less than 90 days, please make deposit and register in MobiFone shops to use the service:

 + The minimum deposit is VND 2,000,000 (two million dong/subscriber/each registration time);

 + Deposit can be made by the owner or by another on behalf of the owner;

 + After 31 days from service cancellation date, to withdraw the deposit in any MobiFone shop or to use the deposit to pay for domestic fee, you must pay all IR Service fee arising. When withdrawing deposit, you must present MobiFone sealed receipt;

 + If you pay all IR Service fee arising but do not cancel the service or draw deposit, you could use this amount for the next time of using IR Service. In this case, you shall not be locked IR Service until you withdraw deposit.

  • Postpaid Subscribers having usage period of more than 90 days shall be exempted from deposit when registering for IR service. However, you could leave a deposit to expand your IR limit. The minimum deposit is VND 1,000,000 (one million Vietnam Dong) and total deposit shall be multiple of VND 1,000,000.
  • To register IR service (Voice and SMS) successfully via SMS and USSD, you must be in Vietnam.

Access to roaming network

You could choose one of the two methods of accessing as follows:

  • Method 1: Auto.
  • Method 2: Manual: Menu → Setting → Select Network → Manual → Select network in the list → OK.

Mobile Brand



Menu → Settings → Network Selection → Carriers → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Settings → Network Services → Networks Selection → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Settings → Phone Settings → Network Selection → Automatic/Manual.


Menu → Network Selection → Automatic Search/Manual Search.

Sony Ericson

Menu → Settings → Connection → Networks → Automatic/Manual.


Application → Option → Mobile Network → Automatic/Manual.


GPRS Access

  • For networks having agreement on GPRS with MobiFone, customer can use GPRS service while accessing the client networks.
  • Configuring APN to access GRPS:

For IOS: Settings >> Cellular >> Cellular Data Network >> APN >> Set APNm-wap.

For Android: Settings >> Mobile Network >> Access Point Names >> APNs >> Set APNm-wap.     

Service Manual



Dialing Method


MobiFone Roaming Subscriber makes call / sends SMS


Call/send SMS to a subscription number of the local roaming country 

Dial all numbers as required by the client network.


Call/send SMS to Vietnam or make international call

"+" (or international number prefix of the country that needs calling)_target country code_phone number (For example: call to fixed numbers in Vietnam: +84483222222).


Foreign subscriber who is roaming to Vietnam (accessing to MobiFone network)


Call/send SMS to a subscription number of Vietnam

Dial all numbers as required (for example: calling to a MobiFone subscriber: 090xxxxxxx or 093xxxxxxxx…).


Call/send SMS to home country or make international calls

00 (or the "+")_code of incoming country_phone number.


Call/send SMS to MobiGold subscriber roaming internationally

Dial phone number as similar as when that subscriber is still in Vietnam.

(**) Note: SMS Center need being changed to one of active SMS Centers of MobiFone, namely:


Code of SMS Center

Northern area

            +84900000011                     +84900000066      

Southern area

            +84900000022                     +84900000023      
            +84900000040                     +84900000042      

Middle area

            +84900000015                     +84900000017      

Turn off software/application from accessing Internet automatically of some smart phones


Mobile Brand






→ General → Network

→ Data Roaming: OFF




Manage Connections

→ Mobile network options

→ Data services: ON

→ While roaming: OFF

Blackberry OS 5.0 or later


→ Mobile Network





  • Once registering for MobiFone IR Service, you have agreed with all terms for using MobiFone IR Service and committed to pay IR charge arising on time. You are responsible for paying full charge for actual use.
  • When you are near frontier areas between Vietnam and neighboring countries (China, Laos and Cambodia), your mobile phone may automatically access the networks of those countries (ex. China Mobile – China). In this case, you shall be charged at IR rate when making/receiving call, sending SMS or using data. When accessing the networks of those countries, you shall receive SMS from MobiFone: “Quy khach dang su dung mang dien thoai di dong cua [Country name]. Xin quy khach LUU Y lua chon mang khi o vung bien gioi, giap ranh voi VN de tranh phat sinh CUOC ngoai y muon. Chi tiet lien he +8490144144 (tinh cuoc nhu goi ve VN).

Prepaid Subscribers

  • Making/Receiving Call:

After prepaid subscribers successfully register for IR Service, IR charge arising shall be deducted to the primary account.

In case that the primary account runs out of credit, MobiFone shall send notice or SMS to suggest customers top up to use the service. To top up, customers could follow instruction.

  • Using other Value added services:

After successfully registering for IRS, prepaid subscribers shall not be able to use Mobile Internet/Fast Connect and some value-added services that they have registered (fee has been charged) before roaming internationally. After successfully cancelling IR service, plans such as Mobile Internet/Fast Connect and value-added services shall be restored and used normally. Usage and duration of plans and services shall be the same as before using IR service.

  • Switching among subscription types:

Switching to other Prepaid types: IR Service shall be maintained.

Switching to Postpaid: IR service shall be canceled. You must register in accordance to current regulations of MobiFone to use IR service.

Postpaid Subscribers

  • IR limit for IR service:

Postpaid Subscribers


Minimum deposit (VND)

IR Limit (VND)

Having usage period more than 90 days

No deposit



Addtional Deposit

n x 1,000,000

5,000,000 + n x 1,000,000

Having usage period less than 90 days

No deposit



Addtional Deposit

2,000,000 + n x 1,000,000

5,000,000 + n x 1,000,000

  • The limit for domestic service (according to Service Contract) is independent of the limit for IR service. If the total domestic charge reaches the domestic red alarm (100% of limit for domestic service), you shall be locked both domestic and international roaming service. If the total IR charge reaches IR red alarm (100% of limit for IR service) and total domestic charge is below domestic red alarm, you shall be locked IR service but domestic service.
  • In the case that total domestic charge reaches the domestic red alarm and you have made an IR deposit but you have not used IR service or the IR charge is below IR red alarm limit; the deposit shall be used to pay domestic charge. The IR service shall be locked until you pay arising charge or make additional deposit.
  • During using period, if a postpaid subscriber is locked with one-way or two-way communication due to debt issue, IR service shall be automatically locked. After paying all charges arising, the service shall be restored.
  • A prepaid subscriber switching to postpaid one shall be considered as a new subscriber and must register and make deposit when using IR service.
  • A postpaid subscriber switching to prepaid one must register to use IR service
  • In some cases, according to international regulations, the foreign network carriers could send charge details to MobiFone within 30 days from the date of charge arising. Thus, total charge arising may exceed the IR limit. The IR charge may be not only in current month bill, but also in the next month bill.

For more information, please contact MobiFone Customer Care: 9090

SMS 994: Please text the keywords below and send to 994 to look up IR Service information (free in Vietnam, charged when roaming):

  • For general service information, text: CVQT, Roaming, CVQT TBTT, CVQT TBTS; Prepaid roaming; Postpaid roaming
  • For IR rate, text: (COUNTRY NAME);
  • For specific services and plans, text: Roam Like Home, Dong Duong, SMS Roamsaver, Callme, Maybay.