Fast Connect is the service that enables access to mobile broadband internet, and sending SMS within the network range of MobiFone via internet-connected devices operate on GPRS/EDGE/3G.



  • Connect to the internet any time, anywhere.
  • Convenient to set up and use.
  • Flexible and controllable charges.





(VND - VAT included)

Free capacity with high speed

Extra charges (50kB+50kB)

30-days Package






70.000/30 days



9,77VND/50kB (approximately 200VND/mb)


90.000/30 days



120.000/30 days



200.000/30 days



300.000/30 days



50.000/30 days

3,5 GB

(2.5GB is available within the registered region (*), 1 GB is available within the country)

Long-term Package


150.000/90 days

3GB/30 days

Not applicable


250.000/180 days

3GB/30 days


500.000/360 days

4GB/30 days

(*) F90N: When using up free data, Internet access is not avaiable



In order to register for a Fast Connect account, please follow one of the following ways:

  • Register for a new Fast Connect SIM, either pre-paid or post-paid, at any MobiFone stores nationwide.
  • Transfer from other types of accounts to Fast Connect:
    • From normal pre-paid account to pre-paid Fast Connect: Text PFC and send to 900; or type *090*5*10*1#OK, or *111*6#OK and continue as instructed.
    • Other forms of transferring: at the MobiFone stores.
    • Transfer fee: Free.

How to use the device:

In order to operate the device and Fast Connect SIMCard, you can follow one of the following methods:

  • By using DataCard (with Fast Connect SIMCard readily installed) plugged into the USB portal, you can access the internet from your laptop or PC.
  • By using laptop that already has SIMCard portal, you can directly connect to the internet via mobile network.
  • By using laptop that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can get your device to accept the transmitter wave from Wi-Fi transmitter that uses SIMCard MobiFone.


Register/Cancel/Extend the data capacity:

You can register, cancel, extend, send as a gift, or check up on the status of your data package via SMS, USSD, or MobiFone website:


  • Via SMS:



 Texting 999

Register for the service


Register for the package

DK<Name of the package>

Data package Cancellation

HUY<Name of the package>

Data package Extension

GH<Name of the package>

No Data package extension


Send as a gift

TANG<Name of the package><Receiver numbers>

Data package checkup





  • Via USSD: please type *090*5*10#OK and do as instructed.
  • Via website: please log in to by your MobiFone Portal account, and do as instructed.


Please note that after you register and/or extend your data capacity of the Fast Connect plan, remember to turn off all internet applications and restart your device for your registered package to be valid and get charged.




About data package registration:

  • Fast Connect data plan is only applicable for pre-paid and post-paid Fast Connect subscribers.
  • FC0 is the default package of the service. When successfully registered for the service, you will be able to use Fast Connect with this default data plan.
  • The data package starts being calculated at the point when you successfully registered or extended your data capacity. After that, you need to turn off all your internet applications or restart the device to get charged as MobiFone’s regulations.
  • At a time you can only register for 01 Fast Connect data package. If you register for new one, your currently active data plan will be cancelled.

About extending and not extending a data capacity:

  • The data package that is valid in 30 days you register for will automatically be extended.
  • For the 30-day, 7-day data plan, before the validity expires you will receive a notification message about the system extending your data usage. If you don’t request to cancel or to refuse the extension, the data plan will be extended for the next usage period.
  • When the 2-way post-paid subscriber is unlocked: the old data plan will be re-register automatically right after the unlocking.
  • When the 2-way pre-paid subscriber is unlocked:
    • The old data plan is automatically re-register if the main account is in credit.
    • New data plan is suggested if the main account is unable to re-register for the old one.
  • The data package will not be extended under the following conditions:
    • For post-paid subscriber: your message to cancel or to refuse the extension is sent out before the system’s extension point.
    • For pre-paid subscriber:  your message to cancel or to refuse the extension is sent out before the system’s extension point.
  • When you succeed in canceling the data capacity extension, you are still able to continue using the remaining valid capacity. When the data package is expired, it will be omitted automatically and you can continue using Fast Connect service with the default package FC0.