Video Call is a visual calling service which enables MobiFone subscribers can see direct images of each other through camera of mobile phone while talking on the phone.

When using Video Call service, you can:

- Share images easily and conveniently

- Connect any distance: wherever you are, you can still see the images of your friends and relatives.






Tariff (VAT included)

- Fee for sending SMS to 999: 200 Vnd/SMS

- Subscription fee: free

- Fee for making Video call: as will normal call. Regulations on charging apply to each type of subscription are different.

Charging method

- Fee for Video Call is calculated in the form: 6 seconds + 1 second (block of 6 first seconds and 1 second for the subsequent communicating time).

+ The call is less than 6 seconds will be rounded to 6 seconds.

+ In case the call is more than 6 seconds: the first 6 seconds shall be charged as 6 seconds and the subsequent communicating second shall be charged on a one-second basis; the odd part of the last time which is less than one second shall be rounded as an one-second block.

- For international Video Call, the tariff for IDD/VoIP shall be applied.

- Charging method for Video Call of prepaid subscribers: applied as with normal calls.

- Video Call Group calling fee of postpaid subscribers participating in the group such as M-Business, M-Home, M-Friend or of customers who enjoy similar preferential policy is implemented in accordance with current regulations on normal calling fee.



Service registration

To register Video Call service, you can follow one of the following methods:

- Method 1: Via SMS

+ B1: Write DK Video Call to 999.

Some statements accepted:






+ B2: Write Y to 999 to confirm registration.

- Method 2: Via USSD: Dial *090*5*7*1# OK and select Reply/Sent 1 to confirm registration.

Service cancellation

To cancel Video Call service, you can follow one of the following methods:

- Method 1: Via SMS

+ B1: Write HUY Video Call to 999.

Some statements accepted:




+ B2: Write Y to 999 to confirm cancellation.

- Method 2: Via USSD: Dial *090*5*7*2# OK.

Service use

- To make or receive Video Call, the calling subscriber and the receiver are required to register Video Call service successfully and select Video Call mode.

- Methods of making calls: input/select phone number to be called, then select Option/Call/Video Call

- Receiving calls: press Accept button like with normal calls.

Note: During the Video Call, if one of the two subscribers goes out of the 3G coverage area, the call shall be disconnected.



Regulations on use
Within 60 consecutive days, if customers do not make at least one Video Call then the service shall be cancelled. To use the service, you must register again.