Vietnamese Gameshow is a community of online clip sharing to help users unleash their creativity, share funny and fun moments ... which are cut into 6 minutes from domestic and international Gameshow programs. At the same time, users can share hot movie trailers, comedy clips, lip syncing, humor, hot trends,...



Registered users of the GSV Clip Community can visit the service’s website/ wapsite to watch shared videos for free. Here, users are allowed to interact like, share, comment. The more videos users are interested in, the more points they will earn to participate in the "GSVer Humor" program and win many attractive prizes.

·       Users are allowed to: Like, share, comment on their favorite clips.

·       Users are allowed to share unlimitedly 6-minute clips of the above categories. For unsatisfactory clips, administrators have the right to disapprove and remove the service page.

·       Subscribers who register to become a member of the GSV Clip, when participating in sharing, interacting ... will have many different privileges. Also, they can see special content, exclusive content or other redemption benefits on GSV Clip.

The service provides 6-minute clips divided into categories of practical GSV, music GSV, fashion GSV, humorous GSV; On the sidelines of GSV; Special clips of GSV.

·       Free categories to use when accessing:

o   Practical GSV: Display a list of funny videos cut from domestic and international gameshow shows such as: Daddy, where are we going ?, Running Man, ...

o   Music GSV: Display a list of funny videos cut from domestic and international gameshow shows such as: Sing my song; Hidden singer, Hidden Voices, Your Face Sounds Familiar for Kids

o   Fashion GSV: Display a list of funny videos cut from domestic and international gameshow shows such as: The face; Vietnam next top, ...

o   Humorous GSV: Display a list of funny videos cut from domestic and international gameshow shows such as: Thank gods, you are here; Crack Them Up Vietnam, Laughing through Vietnam ...

o   On the side of GSV: Display list of funny clips in the fields of sports, life, pet, baby, ... for users to share freely.

·       Categories need to register the service to use:

Special clips of GSV: Display a list of funny clips and videos edited by the editorial staff of GSV, under the trend and appealing to viewers. Promising to create a new trend in the future.






(Package code)

Secondary syntax


(VAT included)



Daily Star Package

      DK G

G1-G6; GS; GSV; GSV1-GSV6.

VND 3,000

01 day


Weekly Star

      DK G7

GSV7-GSV9; GS7; G8; G9

VND 15,000

07 day


Acceleration Star (Buy Retail). Limited to 10 times/ day



VND 2,000




4.1 Instructions for use via SMS

Customers text the message by the syntax to 1579 (Including secondary syntax)


Package name




Daily Star Package




Weekly Star Package




Acceleration Star Package




Get instructions for use




Look up coins/ stars




Get the password to access the service




Refuse to receive notice of renewal




Receive notice of renewal




4.2. Instructions for use via website/ wapsite


·       Register via WAP: Access and select the package, then confirm registration.

·       Customers can cancel the service in the following way:

·       Method 1: Text HUY [Package code] to 1579

·       Method 2: Access to wapsite, select Personal, select the package you want to cancel and perform cancellation as instructed.

Log in to the service

·       Access via 3G: The system recognizes the subscriber number and automatically logs in.

·       Access via WiFi internet or non-3G MobiFone connection: Subscriber enters phone number and enters login password sent via SMS.

·       In case of forgetting password when logging in via WiFi or connecting to non-3G MobiFone, subscribers can click Forgot password at the login screen, enter the phone number to receive the password. Customers can also text MK to 1579 to receive a Password as instructed.



1.     Charging method

a.     For postpaid subscribers: Service fee will be paid by the customer on the monthly bill.

b.     For prepaid subscribers:

·       Service fee will be charged to the main account.

·       Packages will be renewed automatically at the end of the cycle if the customer does not cancel the package.

c.     Renewal fee charging method

·       Package renewal: After expiry, the package will be renewed automatically on the next day of the charge cycle. For example: If the customer registers the daily package on December 15, 2016, the package will be renewed on December 16, 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                              

·          If the renewal is unsuccessful, the system will continue charging customers 30 consecutive days with cycle of 3 times/ day until charging successfully.

·       The period of validity of the new cycle is counted from the date of charging.

2.     Regulations on registration and registration verification

·       After the customer sends the request to register the service package (Click banner / link / button to register on website / wapsite, text the syntax for SMS to register the service to the beginning of the number ...), the customer is required to confirm the agreement to register the service package by sending a MO message syntax from the phone to complete the registration process.

·       Service registration transactions without MO confirming the registration from the customer's phone will not be opened.

·       All transactions for registering the service package, via all channels, must have a second confirmation step by SMS.

·       All package registration on wapsite via Mobile Internet 3G connection, after selecting the package you want to register, customers will be forwarded to wapsite

·       Under the specific time, MobiFone may suspend support for registration via wapsite or add other registration channels (IVR, USSD, ..).