Funny Call Gateway is a service that provides general entertainment information mainly under IVR, SMS and Wap/Web platform for MobiFone subscribers. 

With this service, customers can absolutely discover very attractive services in the system such as: listen to music, story, poem, give music, play games, listen to lottery report, etc. In addition, with the Gateway, customers can also add friends, chat voice in group, invite friends to play games to have chances of getting attractive gifts from the program.


Through IVR, website and wapsite, subscribers can use following services: Music gift, Listen to Love Music, Gift box, listen to live report of three-region lottery, play game show Mobile Millionaire.

Music gifts: Help customers send music and other contents as gifts for relatives together with their messages. This will bring close but also surprised feelings in special occasions.

Love Music service: Help customers easily search and listen to their favorite songs in the music store which is always updated with different types of Vietnam and in the world.

Gift box service: Help customers re-listen to gifts given by friends and relatives.

Play game show Mobile Millionaire: The service package allows customers to play games and have chances of getting attractive gifts from different promotion programs.

Live report of 3-region lottery: Customers will listen to live report on 3-region lottery and lottery information in fastest and most convenient manner. When calling to the gateway to listen to live report on lottery, customers will feel like they are sitting directly at the lottery performing site. 


Service rate 


Type of fee

Package code

Rate (VAT included)

Usage period


Service package


Daily package


1,000 Vnd

1 day


Weekly package


7,000 Vnd

7 days


Monthly package


15,000 Vnd

30 days


Buy separate content


0 - 20,000 Vnd



IVR fee


40 Vnd/min


Data fee


Fee is calculated in accordance with current regulation.


Fee for sending SMS to service short-code




Free for customers who register the service for the first time with 1 day of use.

Charging method:

  • For postpaid subscribers: Service fee will be paid to the monthly bill.
  • For prepaid subscribers: Service fee shall be charged to the main account.
  •  If renewal is not successfully, the service will be paused.
  • At the time of renewal, the system will apply the flexible charging principles for weekly and monthly packages.
  • Within 1 period of use (7 or 30 days), when renewing, the total amount being charged successfully is at most equal to price of the package you are using.
  • At the end of each fee period, if the remaining amount is not charged fully, the remaining amount will be canceled and the system will continue renewing the service in the next new period.
  • Until the end of period, if service fee is not charged successfully, the system will charge again within 30 days. After 30 days of retry, if renewal fee is still not charged, the system will cancel the package and send notice to customers.


1. Service registration/cancellation via SMS:

  • Write DK S1 or DK to 9309 to register daily package
  • Write DK S7 or DK7 to 9309 to register weekly package
  • Write DK S30 or DK30 to 9309 to register monthly package
  • Unsubscribe daily/weekly/monthly service package: Write HUY to 9309.
  • See guidance: Write HD to 9309
  • Check information on current package: Write KT to 9309
  • Search song code: Write MA tenbaihat to 9309
  • Decline receiving periodical content SMS: Write TC SMS to 9309
  • Subscribe to receive periodical content SMS: Write DK SMS to 9309.

  • Special syntaxes used for events include: 
    • Write KM, DK<from 1 to 6> to 9309, this will be equivalent to writing DK to XXX – Register daily package.  For example: DK1 or DK6 to 9309.
    • Write KM7, DK<from 8 to 10>, equivalent to Writing DK7 to 9309 – Register Weekly package.
    • Write KM15, KM30, DK15, equivalent to Writing DK30 to 9309 – Register Monthly package.
    • Write KM <package code> to 9309, equivalent to writing DK <package code> to 9309.
    • In case special characters which are not included in regulations appear after “DK”, it will be S7 by default (apply to customers who may write special characters in message).

2. Using the service via website/wapsite: Assess to the service address:

3. Via IVR: Press key * to register the service

If customers register the service successfully, make call to gateway 9390 and press respective keys below:

  • Branch 1: Listen and give online music.
  • Branch 2: Music gift box.
  • Branch 3. Gameshow Mobile Millionaire.
  • Branch 5. Lottery.
  • Branch 9. Listen to fee policy
  • Branch 0. To talk to gateway staff.


1. Target users: All MobiFone subscribes who are operating with two directions.

2. Principle for unlocking the service


Subscription status

Regulations applied to value-added services


Lock one/two directions

Temporarily stops providing service for customer in subsequent periods.


Unlock subscribers who have been locked with one/two directions

  • Case 1: reactivate right at the former period of package => customer will continue using the service until the end of that period.
  • Case 2: reactivate when the former period has ended => charge subscription fee from that day of reactivation (according to new period):
    • Fee is charged successfully: you continue using the service.
    • Fee is not charged successfully: retry will be implemented in compliance with specific regulation of each service.


Changing among prepaid subscriptions

You continue using the service with former period.


Change from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa

Services being charged with package fee (subscription fee by period): You continue using the service with former period.


Subscribers changing ownership

Completely cancel the service.


Subscription is canceled (after the period for blocking two directions expires)

Completely cancel the service.