BibiBook  is a service that provides audio and video books and picture audio books with various topics such as fairy tale, pioneer literature, world discovery, education, etc. for pioneers from 3 to 12 years of age.



· Search:    Helps you find a book with simple keywords relating to the title or content of the book.    .

· Library: Helps you manage the book you bought or free content you have used within the scope of the package.

· Buy/give books: Helps you buy or give books through all channels.



Tariff (VAT included):


Type of fee

Package code


(VAT included)

Usage period



MobiFone subscribers registering the package


Daily package


2,000 Vnd

1 day

Can use 3 books for free within the day.

Weekly package


10,000 Vnd

07 days

Can use 15 books for free within 7 days.


Monthly package


30,000 Vnd

30 days

Can use 45 books for free within 30 days.


Content fee


0 - 300,000 Vnd


When having used up free content in accordance with regulations, you can use payment-required contents.


Data fee




When accessing to wap/web/application via 2G/3G connection.


Fee for sending SMS to 9133




Registration/cancellation and other utility syntaxes

Service fee will be charged to the monthly bill of postpaid subscribers or subtracted to main account of prepaid subscribers.

Packages are automatically renewed upon expiration.



1. Service provision channels:

- SMS: short code 9133

- Service website

- Application: BibiBook on Android and via SMS



1. Service target users: All MobiFone prepaid and postpaid subscribers who are operating with two directions.

2. Conditions for use: To use the service on SmartPhone, subscribers need to use phones supporting Real player, EDGE/3G, which must be compatible with platforms such as Java, Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Linux. 



1. What is Bibibook service?

Is the service that provides book contents for teenagers from 3-12 years of age; provides audio and video books with different topics such as fairy tales, teen literature, world discovery, early education, etc; The product supports different platforms (wap, web, app) in order to maximally support customers' ability of using the service.

2. Benefits when using the service?

·         Customers can freely select books with two forms: traditional audio books and audio books with illustrations.

·         Listen/watch directly on wap, web, app platforms.

·         High-quality service with reasonable expense.

·         The service is implemented based on interface and content customization for each subscriber

·         Updated regularly.

3. Who is qualified to use the service?

·         The service is provided for all subscribers who are operating with two directions on MobiFone network

·         Using on Smartphone: Phones support Real player, EDGE/3G and must be compatible with platforms such as Java, Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Linux.

4. Method of registering the service?

+ Via SMS:

·         Register daily package: Write DK B1 or B1 to 9133

·         Register weekly package: Write: DK B7 or B7 to 9133

·         Register monthly package: Write: DK B30 or B30 to 9133

+ Via Apps: BibiBook application of MobiFone can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store

Note: Unregistered customers can read stories or listen to stories at free sections, or buy single books with respective prices.

5. Is the number of books limited when registering the service?

Customers are allowed to listen/watch contents at limited level

·         Daily package: Users can use 3 books for free within the day.

·         Weekly package: Customers can listen to 15 books for free within 7 days.

·         Monthly package: Customers can listen to 45 books for free within 30 days.

Customers continue using the service by buying more contents.

6. What is the fee for using the exceeding number of books for each package?

When using up all contents within the limit, customers can buy more contents. Respective price is 0 - 300,000 Vnd. The system will send notice on buying books to subscribers.

7. When daily/weekly/monthly packages are cancelled, will single books be remained?

·         Purchased single contents will be remained at the service account when changing to the free default package.

·         Customers can use the book purchased previously when accessing to the library.

8. Will data fee be charged when registering the service and accessing via wap?

·         Data fee is exempted when registering the package.

·         For unregistered customers, data fee when accessing wap is charged in accordance with regulations of MobiFone.