ESET  service provides a security software for computer or mobile phone with Data capacity for MobiFone subscribers.



Service functions:

Functions of ESET Mobile Security:

  • Real-time protection.
  • Firewall
  • Security in case of losing the phone
    • GPS
    • Remote locking
    • Remote data deleting

  • Function Table of ESET Mobile Security version in different platforms:

Function of ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS 6 product

  • Antivirus and Antispyware : Provide active protection against online malware, offline risks and prevent harmful software from affecting other users
  • ESET Social Media Scanner : Protect social media users and their friends from harmful content, including profiles, walls, RSS and private messages.
  • Anti-Phishing Module : Protect users from efforts of being taken with sensitive information such as username, password or bank credit card details by fake websites.
  • Removable Media Control : Protect portable storage data, USB locking function.
  • Software supporting Game mode and energy saving mode
  • Supporting Smart scanning mode, email security, providing self-protection mode and system tools.


Tariff (VAT included):




Package code



Package content

Software copyright

- 01 copyright code for using the security application within 30 days.

- 01 copyright code for using the security application within 30 days.


Mobile Internet capacity

-  50 MB Data for free.

- Fee out of the package is 25 Vnd/50 kB.

- Internet access speed is 7.2Mbps.

No limit for capacity

- Using up to 300 MB: maximum access speed 7.2Mbps.

- From 300 MB onward: normal speed.

Fee (Vnd)



Usage period

30 days

30 days



  • To enjoy preferences of the service, you are required:
    • To register the service successfully.
    • Download and install ESET application from address:
    • You can download application via 3G/wifi. Downloading applications via 3G service will be charged as per Mobile Internet package that you are using.
  • Copyright code of ESET:
    • When registering the service successfully: by dedault, copyright code provided is used for mobile version. However, you can exchange the code to use for PC version. After exchanging from mobile to PC version, validity period of the copyright code keeps unchanged.
    • Copyright code has validity period as the same with usage pariod of your service package. If the package is renewed successfully, copyright code will still be valid. You can continue using ESET application without exchanging to another copyright code.

Charging method:

 Method for charging service subscription fee:

  • Prepaid subscribers: Charge to main account.
  • Postpaid subscribers: Registration fee of the package is charged to the fee invoice of the cycle having transactions on registering/renewing the package. If you cancel the package before it expires, you will still have to pay all registration money within the cycle.

 Data fee charging method is in accordance with current regulations of MobiFone.


1. Service registration/cancellation:

You can register the service via SMS with following syntax:



Syntax sent to 999


Register the package

DK PackageCode


Cancel package

HUY PackageCode


Not to renew the package

KGH PackageCode


Package renewal

GH PackageCode


Package name: EP - ESET PLUS package; EU - ESET UNLIMITED package.

  • ESET service package cannot be registered at the same time with other Mobile Internet service of MobiFone.
  • Other regulations relating to registration, cancellation and renewal of package: implementing in accordance with current regulations of MobiFone on Mobile Internet packages.
  • You cannot register two ESET packages at the same time.
  • If you cancel the package before it expires, your interests on Mobile Internet capacity will be cancelled. However, copyright codes of ESET software are still  valid until the end of service period.

2.  Download and install the application:

After you register the service successfully, the system will send you a message on copyright and access adress to download and install the application via SMS

  • Access the link to download and install the software.
  • You can access to service wapsite to download application and activate copyright code in accordance with instruction on service website or wapsite.
  • After installing, the application runs automatically when you use computer or mobile phone.

3. Switch copyright codes between mobile and PC versions:

To switch copyright codes from mobile version to computer or vice versa, just send SMS with the following syntax:



Syntax sent to 999


Change from mobile version

to computer version



Change from computer version

to mobile version



To switch copyright codes from mobile version to computer or vice versa, just send SMS with the following syntax:

  • The previous code will not be used any longer.
  • Validity period of the new copyright code is maintained as this of the previous one.


1. Target users: MobiFone subscribers who are operating in two directions.

2. Use conditions:

  • Subscribers who are using Mobile Internet service of MobiFone and must be in range of GPRS/EDGE/3G services when using the package.
  • Subscribers who use 3G mobile phone supporting web, wap functions.

3. Other regulations:

  • The service package will be renewed automatically by regulated cycle if you do not require to cancel the service.
  • If the main account of prepaid suscriber is not sufficient to implement renewal, the service package will be cancelled.
  • At the time of renewal, if the subsciber is blocked with one or two directions, the package will be cancelled.
  • You can renew the package or require that it is not renewed automatically before its expiration.
  • If you require to renew the package, interests of the package on Mobile Internet capacity, validity period of copyright code will be renewed as per the new cycle from the time of renewing successfully.