M2D is the service that helps MobiFone prepaid subscribers change money to use days.



·         MobiFone prepaid subscribers can change money to use days  

Only subscribers are open 2 pm at time of service permitted.
Remittance Fees (including transaction fees and costs of conversion) amounts deducted vaotai chinhcua subscribers.
If in case, the total amount of customer input into the system as part of the change, then the change will not be deducted which will be kept in the client's account.
For example, if customers enter the amount you want to transfer customer 2.600d, after confirmation, the system will be implemented as follows:
Except as transaction costs VND1,000;
Except as 1,500 VND conversion costs;
Customers have 03 days to use.
Amount remaining retail VND100 rest will not be converted into days and remain in the account of the customer (client only reality except 2.500d).
The entire amount is displayed during the transaction and implementation cost is the amount in the account
For more details, please contact Customer Support Switchboard 9090.

Conversion Fee: 500d = 1 day of use.
Transaction Fee: 1,000 VND / times



Target users: Subscribe MobiCard, MobiZone active 2-way.
Registration Services
Is a set of (mandatory) 05 digits.
If the customer has registered customer service M2U the common use of the service password M2U to participate in this program.
Choose a password:
To register customers enter Password: * 117 * PASSWORD * PASSWORD # then OK.
Where: PASSWORD is the password you want to use client.
For example, customers want to use the password is 12345, then enter: * 117 * 12345 * 12345 # then OK. From this time password to use in the transfer of customers is 12345.


1. Target users: MobiCard, MobiZone subscribers who are operating with two directions.

2. Other regulations

·         Only subscribers who are active at the time of performance can use the service.

·         Service fee (including exchange and transaction fee) is charged to main account of subscriber.

·         In case the amount you input to the system has an extra, then the extra will not be charged but still remains in your main account.

·         For example: if you input the amount to be exchanged is 2,6000 Vnd, after confirming, the system will perform as follows:

o    Charge 1,000 Vnd as transaction fee;

o    Charge 1.500 Vnd as exchange fee;

o    You have three more use days.

o    The remaining extra amount will not be exchanged to use days and still remains in your account (in fact you are just charged 2,500 Vnd).