MobiFone provides eStatus solution exclusively for enterprises to display their own designed message on the screen of incoming/outgoing calls from the internal subscribers of enterprises using this service.


  • Provide 1 more channel for enterprise to promote their brands and products
  • Contribute to express corporate culture.



  • Corporate customers of MobiFone who wish to promote, introduce their services, and products.
  • Businesses who have signed contract with MobiFone before registering for service
  • Apply for MobiFone on-net calls/receive
  • Phones supporting displaying Flash SMS messages.
  • Do not apply for free calls/receive via software/applications (eg viber, facetime of iPhone ...).



  • Via SMS: Representative and internal subscribers are allowed to use some specific following features:
    • View the using message
    • Decline/ allow display of eStatus message content of another subscriber
    • Receive service support messages
  • Via website: The enterprise will be provided with an account to use the following features:​




Service configure

 - Manage business information: Enter / Edit / Delete name, business information; Change the password.

- Set up service status: Enable / Disable

Content set-up

- Create general content

- Add/delete content into collections

- View the currently using content

Subscriber management

- Add new subscribers (support adding multi subscribers at a time by inserting Exel file into the system

- View/edit subscriber’s information

-Delete subscribers

- Create subscriber groups

- Edit/delete subscriber groups

- Extract subscriber list

- Disable/enable service for internal subscribers

Manage display regulation

- Set up display regulation

- Edit/delete display regulation



Please contact the service hotline 18001090 for more details



  • Enterprise can contact corporate customer point of sale to sign a service contract (with a list of internal subscribers using eStatus service). Registration form
  • When the registration is completed, enterprise will be provided an account to manage their own internal subscribers and messages on the website
  • After successfully registering the internal subscriber, all incoming/outgoing calls from the internal subscribers will display the system default message: "[Name of business]: Wish you a good day!" (The content can be changed).