Enterprises and organizations wishing to enhance the efficiency of distribution system management and salesman with a modern method and system that is to use mobile devices

mSale is especially effective for enterprises that use retailing channels for distribution and sales like the sector of fast consuming goods, pharmaceuticals…

 MSALES has overcome 6 risks in distribution management:

1. Out of stock

2. High inventories

3. Poor good display

4. Management of distributors is not thorough

5. Loose management of sales team

6. Mismatched tools and failing to meet the demand



• Manage distribution channel: management of sales, coverage, display and inventory ...

• Manage salesman route: route-assigned delivery and monitor online distribution route

• Sales and sales management: revenue management, personnel, orders, commissions, transaction history, inventory...

• Take care of sales point: QR code scanning, photographic displays, inventory updates and information of equipment