E-One SMS is a channel to exchange information conveniently, communicate effectively and intimately, helping businesses to send bulk messages to their employees

Target users

MobiFone business customers wishing to send notification messages, congratulations, rewards ... simultaneously to employees in enterprises



Special Features

Owning optimized communication solution and holding the most useful features so that the internal management of firm can be:

• Quick and accurate

• Cost Savings

• High Security

• Free license for enterprises to use solutions

Key Features

Function to send message immediately or to send a pre-texted message

• Directly edited message content or choose from the message sample

• Send messages in BRANDNAME (enterprise name, brand name, brand names in the space of sender's name)

• Send a message under multiple levels: the entire staff, departmental level, per employee, by gender, according to its private group...

• Send bulk message under the form of excel files

• Send a message stating salary / bonus to each employee

• Automatically send birthday messages to employees, in which stating name, birthday and phone number of receiver

• Report the number of successful or fail message


• Internal: Free

• External: According to current external message charges