If you have a need for regular 3G access, instead of having to pay a fixed monthly subscription fee, you will be able to save maximum cost while accessing the Internet freely with high-speed, not to mention the capability to watch movies, listen to music, browse the web or Facebook by using the daily 3D package D10.


Modern mobile users only need a 3G/4G MobiFone data package to grab all entertainment and education needs in their hand easily and quickly.On the other hand, it is costly and wasteful if someone with non-regular internet usage pattern register for a monthly data plan. To support customers with the best experience and cost-saving, MobiFone introduces the daily plan D10 – “thousands uses – unexpectedly cheap”.


High altitude, comfortable watching movies, listening to music surfing, online Facebook exchanges with friends.


The daily 3G plan applied for both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers at reasonable price, D10 has been chosen by many.  With D10 plan, you will have access to the internet within 24 hours with 1.5GB accessing speed at only 10,000VND. Ms. Ha Phuong (Cau Giay) said: “I don’t need to use the internet via mobile phone too frequently. When needed, I have to pay 70,000VND per registration, which is really costly. My friends told me to use the daily plan D10, which is both convenient and cost-saving if I don’t need to use the internet the next day. What I love most is the high-speed data that grants me internet access in the blink of an eye!”


The D10 plan indeed helps MobiFone subscribers with little demand for mobile internet could save a lot of money while still being able to access to the internet with high quality data. To register, please send DK D10 to 999 (200VND per message) and enjoy the service at its finest.


There are a few notes when you register D10 package as follows:

  • The package price is deducted from the main account (for prepaid subscribers) or charged to the period invoice (for postpaid subscribers).
  • Automated package renewal system.
  • To check the remaining high speed and lower use of D10 package, send KT D10 to 999 (200 VND per message).


Let D10 accompany you on a more complete journey! For more information, call 9090.