At the end of June 2018, Vietnam’s delegation of leading IT enterprises showcased many advanced technology solutions at Communic Asia 2018. Among them, some solutions from MobiFone have received positive feedbacks and scored big impression with international partners and clients.


Communic Asia 2018 is the Asian largest international information and communication technology exhibition. The opening ceremony of the 2018 event took place on June 26, 2018 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. In the exhibition, MobiFone has introduced to international partners and customers 4 IT solutions including: mTracker, an itinerary tracking solution; mSale, Distribution Channel Management Solution; Next-generation Grassroots Communication System; and Centralized substation monitoring and management system using M2M and IoT.


All products introduced at this event utilize the best of MobiFone’s existing mobile telecommunications platform. At the same time, they are also designed focusing on intelligent services based on the platform of big data, IoT, artificial intelligence and automation.


Itinerary Tracking Solution mTracker

Considering its existing platform of 3G and 4G infrastructure and needs of enterprises, MobiFone comes up with an innovative itinerary tracking solution of mTracker. Developed as a cloud-based mobile app, this product can effectively manage employee itinerary, monitor routes and sales paths.


Through this app, companies can locate their staff’s current position, monitor their routings and manage points on designated routes. Besides, integrated with latest GPS and LBS technologies, mTracker can also help managers collect tracking data of pre-assigned period.


mTracker app has a modern touch and a friendly-user interface which serves as a cost-effective, easy-to-pick up solution for MobiFone’s clients. Especially,  due to built-in GPS feature, customers can even use mTracker without Internet access. It is compatible to all kind of mobile devices with the added feature of low battery consumption. Not limited to above benefits, mTracker can also manage check-in points, improving quality of customer service.


Distribution Channel Management Solution mSale

mSale is the pride of MobiFone, being honored among top 10 IT products and services in Sao Khue Award 2015. Before the solution’s official launch, MobiFone had tested it roles of sole management, and distribution channel management and sales force with 115,000 outlets and more than 1,500 dealers.


Built for the mobile platform and developed on MobileFirst technology, mSale can safely integrate with internal business systems. This is an effective tool for managing market development, sales force and point-of-sale care. The system contributes significantly to revenue growth and impressive business development of MobiFone in 2015. The network operator has designed mSale based on its mobile telecommunication advantages with the desire to help manufacturers and distributors effectively manage their dítribution activities, thereby improving sales efficiency.


Next-gen Grassroots Communications System

In 2017 and early 2018, MobiFone introduced a new generation of grassroots communication system implementing Internet-and-mobile-based digital broadcasting technology in many localities nationwide. The network operator indicates that as a matter of fact, grassroots communication is a good tool for information dissemination on Gov’s policies and guidelines to every citizen. Therefore, MobiFone has worked on their research to develop a modern industrial application for people’s communication in this new era.


MobiFone's next-gen solution was developed based on 4.0 technology and cloud infrastructure so that it can replace and completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional FM communication solutions.


Using this system will help customers reduce investment costs by up to 30% and system operator manpower by 50%. Via technology, this product can manage and authorize rights for editor accounts, create news broadcast schedules by hour, day, week on the terminal. In addition, users can also manage each device and each area. Besides, this next-gen communication solution in the new era is a piece of puzzle that contributes to building a smart city which is the future direction of MobiFone.


Apply M2M and IoT in station management

While above solutions were developed to serve MobiFone clients, this next product is designed with the very own network operator in mind. Previously, the monitoring and management of workstations of MobiFone in particular and of other network operators in general were handled in a highly dispersed manner. This new automated system by the telco company is designed to remotely monitor telecommunication station parameters such as operating environment, power source; allow interference and control station equipment to save manpower, shorten the management time and troubleshooting time. The structure of the system is a complete enclosed loop of monitoring systems with management centers and management equipment, control and transmission centers, and workstation equipment.


This system can well-meet the requirements of the MobiFone-owned workstation and is suitable with Vietnam ecosystem. Using this solution helps ensure  telco workstations of the best conditions. Moreover, the application of M2M and IoT in automation solutions helps MobiFone employees to monitor and maintain telco workstations and businesses to save a considerable human resource.


Coming to the largest ICT exhibition in Asia, MobiFone has introduced their products with international partners and customers. This is also an opportunity to learn, expand contacts and strengthen foreign business relationships for MobiFone’s globalization.