WeGames is a service that helps MobiFone subscribers download attractive games to mobile phone.



•    Search, read news relating to game for mobile phone
•    View preview and trailer introducing games, assessing and discussing games, etc.
•    Download or give games to friends
•    Participate in activities of game community



•    Package price (VAT included): 7.000 Vnd/7 days
•    Fee for buying separate games: 0 - 15.000 Vnd/game
•    The package will be renewed automatically
•    Service fee will be charged to main account for prepaid subscribers and charged to monthly bill for postpaid subscribers



1. Service provision channels
•    SMS: Short code 9210
•    Website: Address
•    Wapsite: Address or

2. Download games by each time of transaction
You can download game by one of the following methods:
•    Download game via SMS: Write TAI GameCode to 9210. For detail game codes, access to website
•    Via wapsite: access to or  via GPRS/EDGE/3G of MobiFone
Note: You can download game again within 24 hours since the time of buying it

3. Download game by subscription form
To download game by subscription form, you need to register WeGames package. To register/cancel the package, you implement as follows:
•    Method 1: Via SMS
      + Register the package: Write DK WE to 9210
      + Cancel the package: Write HUY WE to 9210
•    Method 2: Via wapsite: From mobile phone, access to 

Service use
•     After registering/renewing the package successfully, you are added with 2 points to WeGames account (each point is equivalent to 1 time of downloading game)
•    You will receive a notice message on successful registration/renewal with a link for downloading game. Access to the link received via SMS or access to wapsite to download game


1. Target users: All MobiFone subscribers who are operating with 2 directions
2. Conditions for use: 
•    Use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of GPRS/EDGE/3G services of MobiFone
•    Use phones compatible with games, supporting Internet access

3. Other regulations
•    The package is renewed automatically at expiration date if you do not cancel it. After renewing successfully, you are added with 2 points to WeGames account, which is equivalent to 2 times of downloading game. 2 times of downloading game/period is just effective in that period. If you do not use them up, these times of downloading will become invalid in next periods
•    You can download gameagain within 24 hours from the first download
•    With each time of downloading game succssfully, your WeGames account will be subtracted with 1 point
•    If you cancel the service package, your account and remaining points in WeGames will be deleted
•    If the system fails to charge and renew the package, your package will still be reserved. The system shall continue charging during 30 days later until it successfully charges and renews the package. Over 30 days, if the system still fails to charge and renew the package then the package shall be cancelled
•    If subscriber is locked with one direction, WeGames package will not be cancelled but subscriber is not permitted to download games. Subscriber can continue using the package as two directions are unlocked
•    Subscribers with two directions blocked: WeGames package will be cancelled
•    After cancelling the package, you can register WeGames package after 15 days from the date of cancellation