Movies page is the service that allows customers to watch movies and clips online on wap/web with the hottest movies which are updated continuously together with funny clips, clips on beautiful women, selective clips on sports.

- Movies package: Provides movies which are classified in forms and types as follows:

  • Single movies
  • Episodes
  • Action movies
  • Horrible movies
  • Comic movies
  • Emotional movies
  • Cartoon movies
  • Fighting movies
  • Science fiction movies
  • Mythology movies

- Video on Beautiful Women package: Collects clips and videos on beautiful women.

- Sports Video package: Collects clips and video on football which are updated continuously.

- Comic video package: Collects comic video.


- Watch selective online movies, videos on beautiful women, comic videos which are updated every day.

- Customers just need to register one time with selected package to watch contents provided by them every day via wapsite/website of the service.



1. Service tariff:

Service fee = Data fee + Content fee

The tariff for using service packages is as follows:

Package code


(VAT included)


Service data fee




Fee for sending SMS to short code


2,000 Vnd/1 day

Free 1 day for subscribers who subscribe the service for the first time.


2. Charging principle:

- For postpaid subscribers: Service fee will be paid to the monthly bill.

- For prepaid subscribers: Service fee will be charged to the main account.


1. Service registration:

Customers can register by one of the following methods:

Method 1: Write DK PackageCode to 9373. PackageCode: PHIM/HAI/ND/T


Service package


Registration syntax

Film package

Daily package


DK PHIM (main code)

DK, DK1 (auxiliary code)

Comic Video package

DK HAI (main code)

DK2, DK3 (auxiliary code)

Video on Beautiful Women package

DK ND (main code)

DKA, DKB (auxiliary code)

Sports Video package

DK T (main code)

DKT, DKS (auxiliary code)


Method 2: Access to select Register, select the package you want to register and then confirm registration.

  • In case of registering on wapsite when using MobiFone 3G connections, customers confirm registration at http:/ in compliance with regulations of MobiFone.
  • In case of accessing via Internet Wi-Fi (on web, wapsite), customers need to log in with the service account and confirm registration right on web/wapsite of the service.
  • The package is renewed automatically when customer does not require cancelling.

2. Service cancellation:

Customers can cancel the service by following methods:

Method 1: Write HUY PackageCode to 9373 (PackageCode: PHIM/HAI/ND/T/)

Method 2: Access to select Personal, select the package you want to cancel and confirm.



1. Service target users: All subscribers who are using two-direction service of MobiFone network.

2. Equipment using the service:

  • Mobile phone: support 3G/4G or have function of watching video, streaming, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems
  • Computer: PC, Laptop, tablet.

3. Use conditions: Subscribers use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of EDGE/3G services of MobiFone or use Internet, Wi-Fi connection and use account to log in .

4. Usage:

  • Service registration: register via SMS, Web/Wapsite.
  • Using service content, functions: implement via service Web/Wapsite.