Smovies is  a service that allows users to enjoy high-quality entertainment programs with rich and attractive movies/video contents at any time and anywhere right on their phone.

- On-demand video service (VOD):

·         Separate and series movies which have been and are projected publicly with different types such as horrible, Action, Emotion, etc. produced by different countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, United States, Europe, etc.

·         Special channel for Korean, Japanese movies

·         The most requested movies will be recommended for users

- Watching Clip service: enjoy the "hottest and most attractive" clips which are interested in the most with different types:

·         Watching clips, game and reality television programs, talkshows, etc.

·         Watching entertainment clips: Miss Beauty Contest, funny clips, music MV, etc.

·         Watching Sport clips: nice goals, funny football situations, etc.

Watching general clips on health, beauty make-up, life, etc.


  • ·         Allows users to register/cancel the service via SMS, wap, web and application
  • ·       Users registering the service can watch hot movies, clips with rich content through web/wap/client installed in     iOS, Android with free data without limit on 3G speed. Exempt data fee for 3G/GPRS.
  • ·       High-quality service with reasonable expense. Content is updated frequently
  • ·       Many functions for watching movies, clips integrated in the same service that help customers use different       utilities.



·         Service fee = Data fee + Content fee

·         The tariff for using service packages (VAT included) is as follows:


Service package



Subscription fee


Daily package F1

2,000 Vnd/day


Weekly package F7

9,000 Vnd/7 days


Service cancellation fee



Data fee



Fee for sending SMS to short code



-    Service package regulations:

·         Packages will be renewed automatically if customers do not cancel them.

·         When registering packages successfully, subscribers can watch content of respective packages for free.

·         Each subscriber can register one of the two packages mentioned. In order to use other package, customers must cancel the current package and register a new one.

·         Customers are exempted with subscription fee within 1 day and automatically renewed after the free period if customers do not cancel the service (there is instruction on cancellation right after successful registration). From the second registration onward, the service will charge in accordance with regulations.

Charging method:

- For postpaid subscribers: Service fee is charged to the monthly bill.

- For prepaid subscribers: Service fee will be charged to the main account.

- Charging when registering the package or buying separate contents: Charge right after customers send request on registering or buying separate contents with respective fee levels.



1. Service registration

Customers can register by one of the following methods:

Method 1: Write DK PackageCode to 9031. PackageCode: F1/F7

Service package

Registration syntax

Film package

DK F1 (Daily package)

DK F7 (Weekly package)



Method 2: Access to wap select Register, select the package you want to register and then confirm registration.


·         In case of registering on wapsite when using MobiFone 3G connections, customers confirm registration at htt:// in compliance with regulations of MobiFone.

·         In case of accessing via Internet Wi-Fi (on web, wapsite), customers need to log in with the service account and confirm registration right on web/wapsite of the service.

2. Service cancellation

Customers can cancel the service by following methods:

Method 1: Write HUY PackageCode to 9031(PackageCode: F1/F7)

Method 2: Access to select cancellation and confirm.

3. Main service functions

·         View service content:

o    Customers are required to register packages in order to use the service.

o    Customers register which package will be eligible to watch all contents of such package for free

o    Customers visit web/wapsite address to select tabs and use the service.



·         Target users: All MobiFone subscribers who are operating with two directions in the network.

·         Equipment used:

o    Mobile phone: support 3G/4G or have function of watching video, streaming, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems

o    Computer: PC, Laptop, tablet.

·         Usage conditions: Subscribers use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of EDGE/3G services of MobiFone or use Internet, Wi-Fi connection and use account to log in.

·         Method of use:

o    Service registration: register via SMS, Web/Wapsite.

o    Using service content, functions: implement via service Web/Wapsite.