mHDViet is a service that helps you enjoy HD entertainment programs with rich and attractive content right on your mobile device.



Service's main functions:

  • Watch live or re-watch live TV channels (liveTV).
  • Watch hotest video clips.
  • Watch latest-released movies on demand (VOD).


  • Data fee when using the service: Free.
  • Fee for sending SMS to 9134: Free.
  • Tariff (VAT included):


    Name of package

    Package code

    Subscription fee

    Automatic renewal



    Daily package


    3,000 Vnd/day


    Watch Movies, Clips and basic TV channels without limitation


    Weekly package


    10,000 Vnd/7 days



    Monthly package


    30,000 Vnd/30 days


  • Free 07 days using for first time register user.
  • Service fee will be charged to the monthly bill of postpaid subscribers or subtracted to main account of prepaid subscribers.
  • Packages are automatically renewed upon expiration.


1. Service provision channels:

  • SMS: Short code 9134
  • Service website/wapsite:
  • Application: mHDViet

2. Main contents of the service:

  • Watch Clip service: Enjoy the "hotest" and most attractive clips with different types
    • Clips, game and reality televisition programs, talkshows, etc.
    • Entertaiment clips: Miss Beauty Contest, funny clips, music MV, etc.
    • Sport clips: Nice goals, funny football situations, etc.
    • General clips on health, beauty make-up, life, etc.
  • On-demand video service:
    • Separate and series movies with different types such as horrible, Action, Emotion, etc. produced by different countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, United States, Europe, etc.
    • Movies which have been watched and loved the most 
    • Television service: Watch live VTV, VTC, HTV, Local channels, Movices, Sports, foreign channels. TV channels detail: View Here.

213. Service registration:

Currently, you can use the service when using mobile devices with Android 4.2 onward.  

To register the service, you can implement as follows:

  • Method 1: Write DK PackageCode to 9134, Package code includes: HDV1 (HDV), HDV7, HDV30.

Note: write DK to 9134, the system will register daily package (HDV1)

  • Method 2: Access to via EDGE/3G connection of MobiFone, select Register, select the package to be registered and confirm registration.
  • Method 3: Access to mHDViet via EDGE/3G connection of MobiFone, select Register, select the package to be registered and confirm registration.

4. Service use:

  • Via wapsite/Application:
    • From mobile devices, access to or application to use the service.
    • In case of accessing via EDGE/3G connection of MobiFone, the system automatically recognizes your subscription; you can use the service without logging in.
    • Select your interested category, the wapsite/application will display such content in detail.

Note: Currently, Wapsite does not support watching Video. You can watch video via mHDViet application.

  • Via SMS:

You can use some functions via SMS as follows:



SMS to 9134





Check package


5. Service cancellation:

 To cancel the package, write HUY PackageCode to 9134. Package name: HDV1, HDV7, HDV30.


1. Target users: All subscribers who are using two-way service of MobiFone network.  

2. Use conditions:

  • Subscribers use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of EDGE/3G services of MobiFone.
  • Subscribers use mobile devices supporting Streaming, EDGE/3G and watching Video online.
  • To install mHDViet application, subscribers must use mobile devices with Android 4.2 onward. 

3. Regulations on renewal:

  • At the time of renewal, if prepaid subcriber's account is not sufficient, the system will retry charging within subsequent 60 days. If fee is not charged successfully, the service will be canceled.
  • Daily package: not sending message notifying successful renewal.
  • Weekly package: sending notice message after every two times of successful renewal.

4. Principle for unlocking the service:

  • In case you convert from prepaid packages into postpaid ones, or convert among prepaid form such as MobiCard, MobiQ, etc. you can continue using the service if you still meet requirements of the service.
  • Regulations on locking/unlocking service:


Subscription status



Lock one/two directions

  • Continue using the service until the end of that period.
  • Temporarily stop providing service in subsequent periods.


Unlock subscribers who have been locked with one/two directions

  • Unlock immediately within the former period of service package: continue using the service until the end of that period.
  • Unlock when the former period ends: charge subscription fee from the date of unlocking; separate content bought will still be reserved for using after unlocking the subscription number:
  • Fee is charged successully: continue using the service.
  • Fee is not charged successully: retry will be implemented in compliance with specific regulation of service.


Changing among prepaid subscriptions

  • Continue using the service with former cycle.


Change from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa

  • Services being charged with package fee (subscription fee by period): continue using the service with former period.


Subscribers changing ownership

Completely cancel the service.


Subscription is canceled (after the period for blocking two directions expires)

Completely cancel the service.