Clipgiaitri service is a Portal on information, entertainment, discovery for MobiFone subscribers, providing information on news, sports, entertainment, technology, beauty make-up, life, music,hot clips, etc by clips via SMS, Website, Wapsite and Client.

Content provided includes the following fields: Sports, Entertainment, Beauty make-up, MV Clip

Content provided includes the following fields:




Package content



Clip on entertainment information:

·                   Show biz news: update information on life, activities of international and indigenous art stars.

·                   Funny clips: update funny videos which are interested by young generation.

·                   TV Show: update international and indigenous television show programs.

·                   Arts news: update video clips of artists, attractive magic performances, impressive arts performance, etc.

·                   Clips on automobile technology and hi tech:

·                   Car news: update information on new car models, video clips introducing cars, car exhibitions, car manual videos, etc

·                   Hi-tech news: update technologies such as video clips introducing new products and technologies, video clips on products in life. For example, the introduction of iPhone 6 and video clips relating to iPhone 6, etc.

Life clip:

·                   Tourism news: update videos introducing on landscapes, international and indigenous famous destinations, etc.

·                   Health news: update video clips guiding on health care for yourself and family, update good habits to prevent diseases, etc.

·                   Cuisine news: update video clips guiding on cooking good dishes, video clips on cooking with famous persons, international and indigenous cooking contests, etc.

News clips:

·                   News: update news every day.

·                   Legal information: update information on security and legal state.

·                   Social news: update video clips on social life.



·                   Fashion news: update fashion tendencies, tips for making up for girls every day, etc.

·                   Collection news: update video clips on new collections of international and indigenous fashion designers.


MV Clip

·                   Monthly MV: suggest outstanding MV Clips which are loved by audience.

·                   Cover music: update hot cover songs which are outstanding in social networks and loved by youngsters and shared by fans on social networks.

·                   Listen to music by topics: consecutive video clips by themes such as: film music, Trinh music, romantic, Pop, Rock, young, Electronic/Dance, Rap/Hiphop, R&B/Soul, Acoustic music.




·         Directly watch video clips which are selected and compiled by hot themes: Sports, Music, Make-up and Entertainment.

·         Customers just need to register once to watch all special contents, which are updated every day and introduced to customers.



Service web/wapsite:

Service fee

Policy on service is as follows:

Service fee = Data fee + Content fee

In which:

- Data fee when using the service: Free.

- Fee for sending SMS to short code 9184 (not including registration syntax): Free.

- The tariff for using service packages is as follows:


Service package


Automatic renewal


Subscription fee


Make-up package




Daily make-up (D1)

1,000 Vnd/1 day



Weekly make-up (D7)

5,000 Vnd/1 week



Entertainment package




Daily entertainment (G1)

2,000 Vnd/1 day



Weekly entertainment (G7)

10,000 Vnd/week



Service cancellation fee




Data fee




Fee for sending SMS to short code




- Service package regulations:

·         Packages will be renewed automatically if customers do not cancel them.

·         When registering packages successfully, subscribers can watch content of respective packages for free.

- Regulations on promotion when subscribers register for the first time.

·         Register for the first time: Customers are exempted with subscription fee within 3 consecutive days and automatically renewed after the free period if customers do not cancel the service (there is instruction on cancellation right after successful registration).

·         From the second registration onward, the service will charge in accordance with regulations.

- Interests when customers cancel the daily/weekly package are not reserved.


Charging method

a.     For postpaid subscribers: Service fee will be charged to the monthly bill.

b.     For prepaid subscribers:

·         Service fee shall be charged to the main account. Daily and weekly packages will be renewed automatically if you do not cancel the package at the end of period. At renewal time, the system applies the principle on flexible charging, depending on main account balance.

Note: when subscriber is in pending status

·         The system will continue charging within 30 days, with two times per day.  After 30 days of retry, if renewal fee is still not charged, the system will cancel the package and send notice to you.



Service registration

Customers can register by one of the following methods:

Write DK Packagename to 9184. Packagename includes T1, A1, L1, G1.

When writing DK + [xxx] in which [xxx] is the information field which does not match with package code, with

·         D, D1 is the daily beauty package; D7 is the weekly beauty package.

·         G,G1 is the daily entertainment package; G7 is the weekly entertainment package.

·         Write DK,T,A,D,G or DK1,T1,A1,D1,G1, the system will register daily package by default

·         Write DK7,T7,A7,D7,G7 to 9184, the system will register weekly package by default

Service cancellation

- Customers can cancel the service by following methods:

Method 1: Write HUY Packagename to 9184

(Packagename: as per code in Item 3.1)

Method 2: Log in and follow the instruction.


Main service functions

·         Access to or open ClipGiaitri application installed on terminal device, the service home page will appear.

·         After registering in accordance with regulations, you will be eligible to view contents classified on tabs of information page

·         Sports package: view Sports tab.

·         Entertainment package: view Entertainment, Information, Technology, Life tabs.

·         Make-up package: view Make-up tab.

·         Music package: view MV Music tab.



Service target users

·         Target users: All subscribers who are using two-way service of MobiFone network.

·         Equipment used:

o    Mobile phone: support 3G/4G or have function of watching video, streaming, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems

o    Computer: PC, Laptop, tablet.

·         Usage conditions:

o    Subscribers use Mobile Internet service and must be in range of EDGE/3G services of MobiFone or use Internet, Wi-Fi connection and use account to log in.

·         Form of use

o    Service registration: register via SMS.

o    Using service content, functions: implement via service Web/Wapsite.

Regulations on sending message notifying renewal

- After registering service packages, customers will receive notice on the renewal by the respective period.

- Daily package: send SMS notifying on the current package, price and instruction on service cancellation with frequency of 15 days/1 time/1 SMS.

- Weekly package: The system sends notice message when the package is renewed successfully.

Regulations on sending periodic contents.

After registering successfully, every 3 days, the service will send SMS to subscribers inviting to access and use the service. At the same time, there will be instruction for customers to decline receiving this periodic SMS if customers do not want to continue.